CadEditor. Release 5.3

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CadEditor is the universal level editor for NES/SMD/SNES/Game Boy games, the introduction of the project was here


New update of CadEditor project:

  • Animation Plugin Update:
    Fix banks addresses (animation editor for Little Mermaid [NES])
    Select background color, and transparency
    Export to PNG (with transparency option)
    Load CHR and PAL from separate files at any moment
    View X/Y mirroring and pallette for tile at selecting tile
    (this update was described here)
  • Physics layer for Battletoads 3D levels
  • Full-sized sprites for games Darkwing Duck, Chip & Dale, Duck Tales (partially), Little Mermaid [NES]
  • Screens and Blocks editor for Hook [NES] (all levels)
  • Enemy editor - ability to select different aligns for the game (fix selection and render full-sized enemies' sprites for Ninja Cats [NES]
  • Fix enemy editor for Mono (Windows/Linux) version of the editor
  • Fixes in scripts and configs
  • Articles updates

Post Body

This update contains several improvements of the different part of the CadEditor - Enemy Editor, Animation Editor and Configs for games. Also, I tested CadEditor built with Mono and added little fixes, so now it can be used with it without problems.

If you want to run CadEditor with mono, you can type in your command line/terminal:

mono CadEditor.exe


Any subeditors will works now, as in the .Net Framework version.

I added many updates in Anim Editor, but most of them already described in the article

I made several full-sized sprites pack (instead of little sprites icons) for capcom games, and add it with this release. the differences are shown in the screenshots:

With full-sized sprites, it needs to add the ability to describe how sprites will be aligned in the game.
For example, in Ninja Cats game sprites aligned at the bottom-right corner, and for Capcom games sprites are centered.
Now CadEditor can describe any forms of alignment with an overload of rendering and selection functions for full-sized sprites.

Also, I made several config updates for specific games:

  • Battletoads - added a description of physics layer for 3D levels. I added the ability to describe physics as a separate layer in the previous update, so now I described it for all levels, that used it (3D levels - Ragnarok's Canyon, Turbo Tunnel, Surf City and Volkmire's Inferno).
  • James Bond Jr - dump editor. I was interested in this game because it uses LZ77-like compression, that's very unusual for NES game. I added an uncompressed dump of the first screen to CadEditor as the example, but compressor for this game still not exist. I explored sources of the prototype of this game, but it contains just a compressed and uncompressed version of data, with no compressor tool itself.
  • Hook - blocks editor. CadEditor already contains configs for this game, but it used the prepared screenshot of blocks for this game. I rewrite config, and now configs using graphics from ROM data, so any block can be edited.

Also, I collected my old articles and notes about the romhacking, published at several sites, and added links to it to CadEditor documentation site:
There are about 60 links to articles now.


CadEditor Release 5.3 on github
Fundition page
Patreon post post forum theme related to CadEditor
Romhacking utility page
Emu-land forum theme related to CadEditor (Russian)
CadEditor documentation and articles (mostly, in Russian)


My next milestone - create my own test ROM, and add configs for it. My own game can be distributed with CadEditor, so users can start to edit it without a need to download ROMs from the internet. Also, I can use it for writing tests.
Also, I'll continue to improve configs for some already added games.

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Hello, @pinkwonder!

Thank you for this contribution. This is an interesting project, and it is great to see all the development being made. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this project so far. Your post is informative and well-illustrated with relevant screenshots.

On the content side, even though I like all the information provided, I must admit that I wanted to read a bit more about the recent updates. Furthermore, I wish you had presented all the information in a simplified manner. Regardless, your post contains useful information about the project, and I enjoyed reading about the new release.

Once again, there were issues of grammar and style, making your post difficult to comprehend at times. Nevertheless, you managed to create an informative and interesting post, and I look forward to reading the next part of this series.

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Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the review. I'll try to post more updates, and I found several people, that can help me with corrections for my posts.

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This is such a neat project man, keep up the good work 👍

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