Introducing the steeminvite project to utopian

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Steeminvite is a tool to securely onboard new users.

To achieve this, it supports claiming account tokens and creating invitation links.
The user following the link can choose his username and password, after which the inviting party creates the account.
All without exposing the private keys or password of the new account to anyone else except the new user himself.

Technology stack
The tool is built with a bit of vanilla js + steem-js + i18next for the frontend, python3 and sqlite3 in the backend. No huge stack setup required, but you'll need to set up the webserver yourself.


  • A much requested feature are batch invites
  • New accounts get created with the creator as recovery account. So account recovery functionality should be added in the near future.
  • Delegation management could be nice too, there are other tools to handle that but as users can set a delegation for a new account with steeminvite, they should be able to remove those again there too.
  • Designers with a bit of experience in js can contribute with a design, preferably plain css to get rid of bootstrap and jquery.
  • It's also possible to contribute with translations for the GUI.

GitHub Account











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Thank you for your contribution. A great project and a great contribution which will help people to invite more and more people to Steem. The commit messages could have been improved so that people will know what exactly the commits are for.

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Thanks for the review!


Thank you for your review, @codingdefined!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Excellent work @pharesim. Just wondering if I'm the one having problems with bootstrap?

If it was designed like that, a little spacing between the fields would make it look great.


Thanks, I forgot to style that form at all.

Hey @pharesim, I'd love it if you would take a look at this idea I have for using all these new accounts, marketing steem and taking advantage of the recent censorship drive by Facebook et al:

I've got an interesting plan to put all these new accounts to use - onboarding the users that have been censored on Facebook recently...


Not a social media person, but if technical support is needed I can help out. Also with delegations/account creations.
Tell me when you have decided on a discord please.


Great ok thanks - I'll keep you updated.


I have created a document outlining what I see working here - I am teaming up with @oracle-d and also talking with @elear and other witnesses on this too. What's the best way to send you a link to a document privately? Are you just 'pharesim' in


I got a catch-all on

Nice move @pharesim! - Promoters loves SteemInvite ;)

Very cool. I just invited someone. Let's hope he joins.

We need more musicians on Steemit.

Looking forward to all the new faces in introduceyourself. Maybe the first post can be baked into the steeminvite workflow. One post from the invited to introduce their guest, and one post from the invitee to introduce themself. Something like that to make it easier for first time user.

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This is really great. I get the idea of securing accounts for others with one's excess RCs better now than through all the explanations I've read. Great tool to make the process efficient.

It's great that you are getting this project going again, and working with a group like @utopian as well! Great work @pharesim!

Cool move! Let's see that the contributions are numerous:)

This is great. Thanks mate. I've just started claiming account creation tokens, appreciate a user friendly way to spend them.

I've used this service so much in the past, but lately I've had some issues in using it and I thought the project is down. I've been trying with only one PC and now I'm thinking if I'm just having issues on my machine instead..

But Steeminvite is a really nice tool and even though I haven't used it lately, it's been a great way to create accounts to users. Some of them are even still active!

i claimed some already... maybe i should get satoshi nakamofo too.. what say yous?

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Very cool tool, which seems like a great way to onboard new users! Unfortunately I don't have enough RC myself, but maybe I will in the future.

Cool action! It's always cool, if there are more/new/easy ways to get into touch with steem(it) > that at the end we have a bigger group of member and a bigger value on the "market" of "social" platforms.

Thank you for your engagement!

Is there a way to use it public? Do you have plans to make this running public?


Oh, I didn't think about including the link to prod here.
Yes, it's public :D


Cool! Thanks for your fast answer!

Thank you for sharing this information @pharesim) A great work)

Great to see this initiative developing :)

Hi, @phraresim, I haven't been able to use it. Once I claim an account and invite a user, the user creates the account, then I click "create account" on the blue button to approve them, but a pop up comes and I can't do anything with this popup. I click ok and it doesn't go away, nothing happens and the account is not created.


Can you make a screenshot of the step where you can't continue?

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This is excellent @pharesim and maybe if the inviter is being incentivized they would invite more people in steemit and I think it is a good idea to do that.


Give people something for creating sockpuppets? Sounds like a bad idea.
If the invited people are active the incentive is that they can support you in return later.

Awesome tool man! This looks like it'll really help out in the future, thank you :)

Hey, @pharesim!

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Good step @pharesim. Very cool tool.