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So if I only want posts I will only require the database api?

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That is correct. In that case, you only need one plugin mentioned in config.ini:

plugin = database_api

But then you'd need to use the new method, which isn't really documented that well at the moment:

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"database_api.find_comments", "params": {"comments":[["inertia","kinda-spooky"]], "limit":1, "order":"by_account"}, "id":1}'

Mmmm. Comments cover post and comments. Find is a bit misleading as I am only aware that it returns from created... I don't know the api but never saw an order by parameter with discussions before. Heck is it possible to then use order by payout? Currently why I am considering a node is purely to find old undervalued posts and it is a mammoth task seemingly I can't query but need to load all the latest discussions then stream blocks to maintain state then I have all that in my own db... Pretty insane. But orderby as a parameter... Sounds like a db?

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You should consider Using Hivemind. Specifically, installing hivemind locally so you can do direct PostgreSQL queriers like:

SELECT hive_posts.*
FROM   hive_posts
INNER JOIN hive_posts_cache ON hive_posts_cache.post_id =
ORDER  BY hive_posts_cache.payout DESC

That one finds the highest post by payout, of all time. But you can narrow the search to use created_at timestamp since 1 week ago and by payout order ascending to show the least payout. You'd probably need some additional criteria because that would give you a lot of results, but it's a start.

I go into a lot of detail on directly querying hivemind here:

Well fuck me that seems awesome. Already usable? Thank you so much for this.

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Hi, thanx again for the info, I am pulling the docker but I think there is not a way my home pc can handle this system with only 8gb ram and only 100gb free space. Can I tell it to just load 2 weeks worth of data maybe? Since it is a utility it has that kind of config? I will be asking in github etc. Just thought I would ask here since I was finally getting the links to read through :) Side question: I can config hivemind to any steemd based api eg.: Whaleshares? and their chain is sooooo tiny I think which is nice.

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There’s no good way to only load a subset of a live blockchain. That’s the point of blockchain technology. It’s an interesting idea to try using a different, smaller blockchain like Whaleshsres. You’re onto something, though. You can create your own. I recommend:

This tool will create a tiny steem-based testnet with only parts of the chain.

As for running Hivemind on anything other than the steem mainnet, that’s not something I’ve tried yet. Should be possible, though.

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