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As an application developer, I would like to find a list of public full nodes, so I can run my applications on the mainnet.

The devportal project has a list of public nodes provided by the community. This list must be maintained on a regular basis because nodes come and go. But there are also some great tools provided by the community that investigate stability and quality of service on a real-time basis. This update not only continues to maintain the list of public nodes but also adds links to some of these tools so that even if this list goes out of date, developers can be equipped to find work-arounds.

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Yeah, I don't plan on submitting every little change to utopian, but this was one example where posting kills two birds with one stone, hopefully. Node changes are a little bit higher-priority than some of the other types of changes.

In fact, one of the discussion threads lead to this commit to beef up one of the method descriptions and a possible idea for a new tutorial. Something along the lines of "Using Hivemind to Avoid Tag and Follow Plugins."

Thank you for your review, @espoem! Keep up the good work!

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Long time @inertia. Good to read your post

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Highly restrained!

Thank you. Is there also docs on setting up a custom node by which api relates to which plugin to disable?

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So if I only want posts I will only require the database api?

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That is correct. In that case, you only need one plugin mentioned in config.ini:

plugin = database_api

But then you'd need to use the new method, which isn't really documented that well at the moment:

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"database_api.find_comments", "params": {"comments":[["inertia","kinda-spooky"]], "limit":1, "order":"by_account"}, "id":1}'

Mmmm. Comments cover post and comments. Find is a bit misleading as I am only aware that it returns from created... I don't know the api but never saw an order by parameter with discussions before. Heck is it possible to then use order by payout? Currently why I am considering a node is purely to find old undervalued posts and it is a mammoth task seemingly I can't query but need to load all the latest discussions then stream blocks to maintain state then I have all that in my own db... Pretty insane. But orderby as a parameter... Sounds like a db?

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You should consider Using Hivemind. Specifically, installing hivemind locally so you can do direct PostgreSQL queriers like:

SELECT hive_posts.*
FROM   hive_posts
INNER JOIN hive_posts_cache ON hive_posts_cache.post_id =
ORDER  BY hive_posts_cache.payout DESC

That one finds the highest post by payout, of all time. But you can narrow the search to use created_at timestamp since 1 week ago and by payout order ascending to show the least payout. You'd probably need some additional criteria because that would give you a lot of results, but it's a start.

I go into a lot of detail on directly querying hivemind here:

Well fuck me that seems awesome. Already usable? Thank you so much for this.

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Hi, thanx again for the info, I am pulling the docker but I think there is not a way my home pc can handle this system with only 8gb ram and only 100gb free space. Can I tell it to just load 2 weeks worth of data maybe? Since it is a utility it has that kind of config? I will be asking in github etc. Just thought I would ask here since I was finally getting the links to read through :) Side question: I can config hivemind to any steemd based api eg.: Whaleshares? and their chain is sooooo tiny I think which is nice.

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There’s no good way to only load a subset of a live blockchain. That’s the point of blockchain technology. It’s an interesting idea to try using a different, smaller blockchain like Whaleshsres. You’re onto something, though. You can create your own. I recommend:

This tool will create a tiny steem-based testnet with only parts of the chain.

As for running Hivemind on anything other than the steem mainnet, that’s not something I’ve tried yet. Should be possible, though.

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