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STEEMIT Holmes is your personal assistant and scout in the STEEM Blockchain, he helps you to get information out of the STEEM blockchain.
Information that is not immediately visible and difficult to obtain through the blockchain. He is like a STEEM Blockchain Explorer with Superpowers.

STEEMIT Holmes requires an S2DB instance


What feature(s) did you add?

  • Restructuring of the user stats
    More and more user statistics are added, so, that the whole thing becomes clearer,
    we have split it a little bit to get a better overview.

  • Integrated of Bot usage
    The new statistic shows how much the user have spent on vote bots

How did you implement it/them?

Restructuring of the user stats

For this purpose we have started to distribute the user stats a little and divide them into categories. This helps to implement more stats and we are getting no more space problems.

The whole thing is now accessible via drop down menu.


The Changelog can you find here

Additionally, the user name is kept and navigating between all points is no longer a problem.

Integrated of Bot usage

So that we could query the bots we created a general botlist.

We have considered over 100 voting bots in this list. If someone knows more bots, we would be happy if you create an issue for us:

For the preview image I used a user from the trending (because i don't really use voting bots)



If you want to do something like this by yourself, the main logic is in MySQL Query.
This query also works with an SBDS instance.

First, we get all of a user's transactions

    FROM s2db.sbds_tx_transfers
        `timestamp` >= :from AND
        `timestamp` < :to AND
        (`from` = :username OR `to` = :username);

After that we filter all transactions which are coming from the bots. Thats it ;-)

You can find the complete logic under:

The nice thing about the S2DB is, that there are many small widgets and so even beginners can see how its possible to get information out of STEEM.

See you next time and thanks for reading
Hen, for PCSG Developers


Thanks for the contribution, @pcsg-dev! Looks like a cool little feature! I think it would be interesting if you created a leaderboard or something showing who used bid bots the most for example (not sure how viable that is).

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