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Aim of Analysis

Every month I  produce a Post bench-marking report with the aims of:

• Aiding the STEEM Community with a place to benchmark their posts and growth

• Create a report that can be used for comparisons in other periods

• To track my personal targets and record achievements

Please note this data is based on Posts and not Comments.

If you missed last months report you can check it out here


Looking at September we had HF20, which caused a major disruption in activity on the block for the last week of the month.  Votes, Comments and Posts were all down.  However in October Resource credits introduced in HF20 should have leveled out and values for October should reflect the true position for posts and votes and comments. However the rewards pool was inflated also due to the roll out of HF20 and so payments should be inflated in October while the rewards pool rebalances.

Financial Performance

In October 18 the % of posts with no payout was just over 16%, down from 28% last month.  This is a massive change.

The % of posts with a payout of <$1 has increased from 52% last month to 56% in October.

The number of posts with a payout of over $500 remained consistent with last month on 5.

The average post pay-out value in October was $2.45 ( up from $1.6 last month) and if we exclude posts with no payout this increases to $2.94

The median payout value was $0.13 with a standard deviation of 10.58

The number of posts decreased by 13% on the previous month and the gross payouts increased by 33%

You can see how this compares to previous period in the charts below.


Top Authors based on Gross post payouts

Top Category


The % of posts with no comments is up from  36.6% in September to almost 41%

The mean number of comments per post is 3.14, and the median is 1. You can see how this compares to previous period in the chart below.


The % of posts with 0 net votes has reduced from over 11% in the previous month to 7.47% this month.

The median votes per post was 5 and the average was 39.91.  You can see how this compares to previous period below.


In votes above we also have flags, however combined only 0.99% of posts had a net downvote.  This is down from 1.32% the previous month.

22K posts received 1 or more flags (this is posts not comments).  This makes up 5.18% of all posts made.  This is down from 9.34% the previous month.

In the first table we can see the authors with the highest % of flags and after this the table shows who gave the most flags. Following this we can see the time series for when flags were given

Other Data


  The line chart above represents the number of new posts per day in September 18 and the bar chart below that shows the peak posting hours. 


The number of posts each month has been on a downtrend this year and October was no exception.  September seen the roll out of HF20 place restriction on posting and voting and in turn payouts, however we can see in October the payouts increase.  So much so that the median payout on post for October was at an all time high for the year.

Engagement in terms of comments per post has remained rather consistent, however we seen a massive jump (over 100% jump) in the median number of votes per post.

The % of posts that received flags reduced by 53% on the previous period.

Keeping track of my own posts, on average I earned $29.30 per post, and each post received an average of 192 votes.

How did you posts do in October, please do leave a comment below and let me know how you got on

The Data and Queries

 As always I have connected to Steemsql managed by @arcange using Power BI and the query is used was

     Comments (NOLOCK)
      where created >= CONVERT(DATE,'2018-10-01')
     and created< CONVERT(DATE,'2018-11-01')
    and depth = 0

The code used to get flag details was 

txVotes (NOLOCK)
where timestamp >= CONVERT(DATE,'2018-10-01')
and timestamp< CONVERT(DATE,'2018-11-01')
and weight <0


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Hi @paulag, thanks for the update! The changes to the median votes per post and the median payouts are quite big! Any idea what caused this? Does that match with the reduction of the number of posts? The reduced number of posts without payout could maybe partly be explained with reduced spam due to RC limitations . @miniature-tiger's post impressively showed how steempress saw a great reduction in the number of posts without significant changes in their total payout.

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The hike is down to the increase in the rewards pool during the rollnout of hf20 and i would expect to see it reduce again for nov

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Thank you for your review, @crokkon! Keep up the good work!

It's nice to see that the median payout is up. It's the biggest incentive for new steemians. Hope it will rise further 😊 And thank you for the numbers... @peekbit


that's true. We need much higher payouts already for newbies to attract them.


We have a much bigger problem to keep newbies...

I used an account I haven't used for months after hf20, to see how it handled...(no sp hardly - like a new user)

I made one post and 3 comments, and couldn't do anything with my account again until my RC's powered up. I couldn't even edit my post!
I had to wait a day to do anything on steemit .

If I was new user, with a tiny account - I would have left there and then.
What kind of social media platform stops you from posting , commenting, and interracting?

Not a good model for increasing users, when you won't let new users, errrrrr... use the platform.


Hi @lucylin
As far as I remember they multiply your RCs by 10 - to ensure that everybody can post and comment... Hope it worked on all accounts in the meantime.
Unfortunately I don't remember which post it was...

Excellent report!!!

Thank you for putting this report and analysis together!

Have a great weekend!
Steem on,


😀 thank you

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My posts did worse solely because a massive delegation to a community I’m part of was withdrawn. That took about two thirds of my post rewards with it. It’s hard to personally compare month over month because of that. Especially since I also made some adjustments to compensate.

I really appreciate the data you’ve compiled here. I find some of it very surprising.

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Oh no....thats an awful pity and it happened to me too in a community i was in last year.

Thank you so much for ur feedback

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I miss seeing that rewards pool at $1 million but at least it reminds is of the potential of where we can get to. I have not really compare my stats as I look towards the engagement numbers @abh12345 puts out weekly to monitor that I remain amon that list as I think the rest will come from there by engaging. My focus remains posting everyday, engaging with comments, participating in great DApps and powering up all the Steem I get including what I buy monthly. That is my plan as long as it remain under $1.

PS, I got your vote for witness in! Look forward to your continued commitment to the ecosystem! Thanks!


Awesome.....thank you soooooo much for the witness vote.

I like your thinking, you have great focus and it will payoff in the long run

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"The median payout value was $0.13 with a standard deviation of 10.58"
These numbers are crazy!
Nice report!

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Yep. The large standard deviation shows there is a massive gap between the high and low earners

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Your static is really awesome. Really helpful reporting. love your style. God bless you


Thank you

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I'm very happy to see that median values are going up, because it means 2 things, and both of them are good:

  • we have less spam
  • with the shrinking number of authors, I think that people with ideas will start forming clusters/sub-communities and start producing good ideas, posts and products

Top Authors based on Gross post payouts

@paulag , I have a suggestion. May you present what was the amount earned by the 100th, 500th and 1000th Top Author?

People are competitive, it could make them work even better ;)


The median value went up because the rewards pool had a temporary increase while we rolled out hf20. I think nov values will be back to lower levels.

As for your suggestion, agreed, these values could be of benifit and will include them in my next post

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