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I've noticed another small spelling error on the Steem.io homepage which I have highlighted in the screencap above.

The text reads 'entreprenuers' when the correct spelling is 'entrepreneurs'. I don't mean to nit-pick, but I believe spelling errors make for a less professional presentation and therefor should be corrected.

Again, sorry for the nit-picking on spelling. But, I want Steem to look and be as professional as possible! Let's take Steem to the moon!

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Calling @originalworks :)
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Thanks for pointing out the little thins! 🐓🐓

And there you go! you have made a spelling mistake in your post in the fifth line it should be "therefore" and you have spelled it as "therefor". Again, sorry for the nit-picking on spelling. But, I want Steem to look and be as professional as possible! Let's take Steem to the moon! Just kidding :P

My post isn't the front page for a product or service, nor is it the face of a business. :P

Businesses/products/whatever should be and want to be as professionally presented as possible. Spelling mistakes make things look very amateur, especially when it's built into your web browser. :P

I don't understand why people are ragging on me for this contribution. All I'm doing is helping. What have you done to help? Exactly....

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@elear fixed the problem with my last contribution. for some reason it wouldnt let me edit my old post.

Hello @noly. I have accepted this one. Just make sure to provide bigger bug reports next time.

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c'mon nolly , its just a spelling mistake .
It proves that they are also human being.

Huh? And why wouldn't they want it pointed out and corrected? I would want it pointed out on one of my sites. It makes it look unprofessional.

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