Steem Projects: Community Driven Website vs. Moderation. How to achieve scalability without worrying about quality of data

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To be honest, a month ago I thought that around this time SteemProjects will be already fully released and ready to use. However during last month I realized that if I want to create sustainable source of knowledge about every Steem app or tool, I need to make sure, that stored data will be accurate.

What I mean by that?

Community Driven Website vs. Moderation

I do not believe that the single person is able to track all projects in Steem ecosystem. That's why I decided to make database of SteemProjects editable by Steem users. Every user should be able to add a project to the database:



But when you do things so accessible, a lot of bad things can happen.


This is not difficult to imagine, that someone who do not like Steem for any reason, could do something like this:


We cannot let this happen.


Drafts and Trusted Accounts. In my opinion every user should be able to add information to database, what doesn't mean, that this data need to be available in the directory immediately. By default every new project will be added as a draft, which will need to approved by any Trusted Account.

Who will have Trusted Accounts? At the very very beginning, that would be me (someone needs to be first ;) ), but later it goes like this:

  • every Trusted Account can make account of another person marked as Trusted
  • if a user will have good Steem reputation, his or her account will be Trusted by default


Misunderstanding the goal of SteemProjects

Sometimes people do not have bad intention, like in this example:


What is the problem with this project? In my opinion, Coinsrex is not exactly Steem-related project. That is true, that on this website you can find information about many cryptocurrencies (including Steem), but this website is too generic IMO. I would not be surprised if this website would not even use Steem blockchain. So what we should do about it?


Trusted Accounts should be able to reject drafts. Explanation should be added and displayed.


Using SteemProjects to do bad things

Imagine a person, which somehow will get a Trusted Account on SteemProjects, and later decide to use this Account to build credibility for own scammy project, like this:


Unaware user, which may know @ned, @good-karma, @gtg might be convinced by this project page, that such project is ok. Such a user, could then go to website, where he or she would download a trojan which would stole all their funds.


Solution in theory is simple. Verified and confirmed information needs to be distinguished from information which are not verified.

But this little thing require tremendous amount of additional coding. Why is that?

Verification procedure

First of all, we want to be able to store information even about people which do not created yet an account on SteemProjects. This is an example:

Otherwise, it would be very difficult to build a database of all projects. It will take some time before most developers will create account on SteemProjects.

As I already wrote in my post [ANN] Introducing python-social-auth-steemconnect library, every project member will be able to authenticate himself by Steem or Github account:


But the new thing is... ONLY PRIVATE MEMO KEY is now required to login via SteemConnect:



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Thank you for taking this on. Sounds like it will be epic for this platform. Resteemed for now. Weill be back for a vote.

Information is not knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

is there a separate post I can see about this new development for steemconnect? I've been irked that it required the master key... so this is a happy moment for me

I am also waiting for this :)


Such a user, could then go to website, where he or she would download a trojan which would stole all their funds.

Good point- that is sketch.

I'm damn sure that this project is going change the projects ecosystem on steem blockchain.

To jest Twój projekt?

mój, mój :)

Będę obserwował, czekam na post o tym projekcie po Polsku. Na kiedy będzie gotowy? Dużo pracy jeszcze zostało.

Większość już gotowa. Jak dobrze pójdzie to w ciągu tygodnia będzie o nim głośniej :)

To gratulacje, mam nadzieję że będzie głośno, nie chcę nic przegapić. No to życzę miłej pracy.

Mam takie pytanie, jaki jest koszt zrobienia projektu. Wcześniej myślałem o projekcie na UBQ lub ETH ale odkąd poznałem Steem myślę tym. Chcę wiedzieć czy już mnie stać, czy jeszcze muszę trochę poczekać. Czekam na swoje monety jak jeszcze pójdą do góry i chcę zainwestować, myślałem o otwarciu kopalni. Chodzi mi o to że kopalnia to tylko część mojego planu (projektu) nie chcę żeby mi ktoś zarzucił że robię to dla kasy. Powiedz mi z jakimi kosztami muszę się liczyć. I myślałem o Tobie i o Twoim kuzynie. Może się nie znamy, ale mogę powiedzieć że mam do Was zaufanie.

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