Announcement : A web development Building Project with STEEMJS API & PHP tutorial comming Soon.

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Hello Steemians,

I am going to start a project making Steemit based web application with Only php and I will used The steemconnect & SteemJs Api.

All tutorial will release in my steemit account. @nawab69 .



1st Turorial: Connect steemjs API with Php and GET Data using JSON

2nd Tutorial: Create Variables for every function
& Show data.

3rd Tutorial: Create Form for GET data by "POST" & "GET" methood.

4th Tutorial : Designing Full web Application.

After Ending the full tutorial I will create a new API where developer can connect Their PHP website and use steemit all function.

I request to all developers to help my project and Contribute to make an Open Source Php steem Application.


Don't Forget to give your Opinion.

Together we can build a Successfull PHP steem Application.

[It is not a tutorial or Development Post. So I post it with utopian-io Blog Tag. So that most of the opensource Developer can See this. ]

See my 1st Tutorial here

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Hello, @nawab69!

Even though this sounds like a really interesting idea, it is very hard to even consider evaluating it until some development has happened.

If you want to contribute content that is relevant to Utopian, please read our guidelines. I would also recommend reading our weekly Top Of Utopian posts to get an idea of the kind of content we particularly like.

I look forward to seeing awesome relevant content from you in the future.

Due to ineligibility, your contribution has not been evaluated.

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