My Design - Logo for Steeditor [With animated GIF]

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Linked Task Request


This logo design is response for @jakipatryk logo Task Request: Create a logo for Steeditor [+30 SBD reward]

Steeditor is an editor for Steem posts with advanced options. Steeditor provides a template for who wants to write in Steemit. There are several categories available, so far only blank template and post template to contribute in @ utopian-io. I think this is a very useful project, when as we know the current state of Utopian after the attack yesterday.

Benefits / Improvements

When I see this Task Request, I see a lot of designers who contributed by proposing a logo shaped pencil icon that symbolizes the editor. I thought that I would make something different from them. Then came the idea, I created the Steeditor logo with the symbol markdown and typing cursor. These two symbols also represent "editors". And also I use the color scheme of the Steem logo to match it. So, this is my design logo for Steeditor. :)

  • Logo symbolizes and corresponding to the project as editor in Steem.
  • Simple flat design and looks good in very small size.
  • Available in GIF animations for best result.


- Logomark -


- Logotype -


- Animated GIF -


- Logo Meaning -


- Monochrome -


- Color Version-

Logomark color V1

Logomark color V2

Logotype color V1

Logotype color V2

- Icon Keyline -


- Icon Size -


- Color Hex -


- Mockup -



Proof of authorship





Design with CorelDRAW X7, mockup and GIF with Photoshop CS6. I can not really use Illustrator, but I also attach .ai file inside the folder.


Original files

Proof of Work Done

Github: anaufalm


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Excellent proposal, out of the ordinary. I think I can not say the same with my proposal hehehe

Wow, are you there? You are back! Nice to see you 😆

Btw, when I see your design it is similar to @amirdesaingrafis design xD

Project owner stated in the task request that the only acceptable format is SVG. he expect to get two files - one with the entire logo (icon + text) and one with the icon.

The svg file that you provide is not ready to use as it contaned all of your logo variation. You should provide a svg file for each variation.

However the idea and execution is really good.

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Each logo in SVG version has added to Folder, you can see it. :)

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Wagelasssehh tembus lagiiiii.

Steemnya di ikhlaskan aja gitu hahahahhaa

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