I'm actually glad upvoted it. As a non-coder I have a hard time trusting any of these project posts on Trending with paid upvotes unless someone like utopian or ned or someone I know is not a bidbot upvotes it too.

On the surface this looks like an amazing project and I hope it gets traction and the support it needs. This is the stuff that keeps me here. Unfortunately so many projects announce and disappear. I hope this is not one of them.

Hey @mys never forbidden just discouraged. One of our previous voting bots took that factor in consideration for decreasing the voting weight. That's not the case since a while, due to the fact bots are recently used everywhere. In this specific case we have evaluated the positive impact on the ecosystem and the coding effort more than how the contribution got its rewards :)

That is cool. utopian-io is such a beautiful platform. To asbear, SteemPay 0.3.0 sounds like such wonderful project. That would be so cool to be able to pay Steem Dollars for offline commerce. I was just wondering how this project is coming along?


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