SteemPay 0.3.0 Release - Supporting seven more currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, PHP, MYR)

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I am pleased to announce that SteemPay 0.3.0 is now released. This version comes with 7 more currencies with improved features for the online commerce. Please check the release note. For those who are new to SteemPay, please continue reading this posting to learn more about it.


New features in 0.3.0 Release

  • On-demand local currency to SBD conversion.
  • Customisable price feed
  • Supporting 7 more currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, PHP, MYR)
  • UI improvement
  • Invoice link sharing
  • Bug fixes

What is SteemPay?

SteemPay is an application to enable Steem Dollars to be used for on / offline commerce. The ultimate goal that I want to achieve through this project is making Steem Dollars to become the best cryptocurrency for selling or buying the real stuff. May sounds ambitious but I have never seen any other cryptocurrencies have more potential than SBD in terms of the real life commerce so far. Regardless SBD is pegged or not, higher demand of SBD will also increase the demand of Steem, which will surely result in influx of new users and investors into Steem.

How does it work?

The main function of SteemPay is converting the local currency to SBD and vice versa, and helping the sellers and buyers by simplifying the purchasing process as possible.

How to use


For the moment, sellers need to preset the account information to get paid. You can register a Steem account or your SDB wallet of Bittrex, Upbit or Gopax.

To Sell:

  • Create an invoice with your local currency, and show the QR code to your customer or share the link through online.
  • Seller does not need to be a Steem account holder as they can use their Steem Dollar wallet of the major cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex.


The invoice is open and permanent. Anyone can scan the code and pay anytime with the latest SBD rate. You can print out the QR code and paste it next to your stuff at your offline store or car boot sale. The invoice link is also permanent. You can share it and get paid unlimited time.

To Pay:

  • Scan the QR code or visit the shared link and then pay via SteemConnect.
  • Buyer must be a Steem account holder.


Your browser may remember your Steem account and the active key after the first use, so you won't need to put those again.

What currency does Steempay support, and where does it get the price feed from?

SteemPay supports KRW, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, PHP(Philippine peso) and MYR(Malaysian Ringgit). Basically the price feed is retrieved from except for KRW. Feed for KRW is customised as the price feed from Upbit is the best fit here. These price feed will be continuously improved currency by currency.

Why the currency of my country is missing?

I am trying to roll out more currencies as slowly as possible unless there is significant demand to avoid the unnecessary congestions. If you really think your currency should be added asap, please let me know why you think so then I will try to add it :)

I am interested! Where is the tool?

That's great!
Go to and enjoy :)

Future Work

There is very long to-do list but I will not share everything here. Here are the items on the top of the list at the moment:

  • Transaction history check
  • Authentication, Login
  • More detail configuration for sellers
  • API for online commerce

I deliver incrementally and work backward with the feedback. Therefore this project will be progressing quickly towards the right direction.

Open Source

SteemPay is an open source project. Now the project is too young to get a public contribution as the code base is not quite organised enough yet, but it won't take too long. Please come to the Github and say hello or leave any feedback.

Used technology stack

NodeJS, Webpack, Javascript, HTML, ReactJs, ReactRedux, ReactRouter, Semantic UI React, AWS EC2, API Gateway, Lambda, Dynamo DB, etc

Supporting SteemPay project

You can support this project by various ways like voting and resteeming. But the best thing is voting me (@asbear) as a witness. You need to manually put my account because I am 55th now.


Thank you!


This is incredible support from the community! I really appreciate it. For the last several days my job got super busy so that I couldn't reply to the all the comments here. I am reading and trying to gather the questions asked here, and will compose my answers and author a separate post.

Also, the Github repo is still not fully organised enough to start collaboration yet. I will update it, and also put my vision and service/design/development roadmap so that all the contributers could be tuned in!

And sorry again that I wasn't very responsible for your comments as I was out to Windsor in the UK to join the Royal Wedding ceremony, and the only person I talked to on the day was @theresa.may. here is the evidence.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.42.40.png

I met Harry and Meghan for 2 seconds, and probably they must have seen me in the crowd but pretending not.

Sorry for the shitty joke. Hope you all enjoy the beautiful summer!

Thanks again!


Thanks for the contribution!

Hey @asbear, we are very to happy to see that you are using (@utopian-io) to support SteemPay's development! We really believe SteemPay has the potential to be one of the greatest applications in our ecosystem, so keep up the amazing work!

Just a few suggestions for your future contributions: add "development" as the second tag and add SteemPay's repository to the top of the page (see more information here). This will allow us to find your contributions more easily, allowing you to get rewarded for your hard work! I also couldn't find a license in the repository, so it would be great if you could add that as well.

I look forward to seeing more of your contributions in the future!

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That's really great job. Thank you

Thanks a lot! I've updated my GitHub repo, but still not fully compatible with the requirement. Will try my best!

Steempay Steem Is The Free Paypal Of The Cryptocurrency Steemit World

Why? Because users can buy more for less as Steem curreny is virtually free money that anyone can earn on
Moreover, sellers can sell more to buyers that have easy Steem money.
Unlike Paypal customers who pay with hard-earned fiat currency, Steempay customers can very easily earn more Steem currency by simply creating more quality blogs on Steemit.

Steempay is a win-win proposition for Steem buyers and sellers alike.
SteemPay is the world's easiest digital currency wallet.

And unlike Paypal, with the SteemPay wallet, your passwords and money remain in your control at all times. Your keys never leave the device and the code is 100% open source.

Steem is going really far as a social media coin

Amazing! Congradulations on the job done! It seems like you spent quite a lot of time creating this. Thank you!

Since when @utopian-io is rewarding contributions upvoted by bidbots? I was sure it is forbidden.

I'm actually glad upvoted it. As a non-coder I have a hard time trusting any of these project posts on Trending with paid upvotes unless someone like utopian or ned or someone I know is not a bidbot upvotes it too.

On the surface this looks like an amazing project and I hope it gets traction and the support it needs. This is the stuff that keeps me here. Unfortunately so many projects announce and disappear. I hope this is not one of them.

Hey @mys never forbidden just discouraged. One of our previous voting bots took that factor in consideration for decreasing the voting weight. That's not the case since a while, due to the fact bots are recently used everywhere. In this specific case we have evaluated the positive impact on the ecosystem and the coding effort more than how the contribution got its rewards :)

That is cool. utopian-io is such a beautiful platform. To asbear, SteemPay 0.3.0 sounds like such wonderful project. That would be so cool to be able to pay Steem Dollars for offline commerce. I was just wondering how this project is coming along?


Hey @amosbastian
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Wonderful stuff, great to see!

That not how it might get a flag if you do this again...

" goal that I want to achieve through this project is making Steem Dollars to become the best cryptocurrency for selling or buying the real stuff"

So is this a app to pay with steem/sbd or also to buy "real stuff" like the listed fiat currencies without having to go through bitcoin? That would be hyuuuuge!

wouldn't say it won't happen but it will be quite far away yet :) now I am focusing on the products or IPs etc.


I estimate the cash is doomed to disappear sooner than anticipated. Kryptonite will soon replace everything, absolutely everything in commerce; and if we have apps like steempay, the transition path will be even easier. Thank you for your tremendous contribution.

exactly; it's going to take developers making it easy for people to use and accept crypto for it to become mainstream like we want it to be

thanks, will help to make it happen.

We always support good initiatives, for the sake of coexistence and humanity in general.

좋은정보 감사합니다 유용하게사용할게요


Awesomeness all around!

This is huge !

okay this is an application which will bring steem to the next level. Keep on working

thanks, I will try to keep the project going.

This is great work @asbear you probably didn't need to use bidbots to vote it up though, a strong upvote from utopian generally will do that for you (unless your intention is to make money). Nonetheless, looked through the project and it's very promising, I may even make a few contributions to your project myself as I see a few areas of improvement. Nice work.

I agree. Actually I didnt really expect Utopian would have voted me that much. You may know using a bidbot wouldn't be always profitable. Used them for this time was 100% for promotion. As I am mostly working in Korean community I have really thin network across the entire steemit community and I wanted to get SteemPay noticed especially by those who use the newly introduced currencies. Thanks for your intention to make a contribution.

Absolutely man, nice work. Just want to clarify that I wasn't criticising your use of bidbots, what you have done definitely deserves visibility and promotion, I completely understand and I apologise if I came across as passive-aggressive or rude. The way Utopian works is a mystery, you definitely never know which way they'll go with their curation process.

I just voted for you as witness, because the work you've done here is definitely going to positively contribute to the adoption and credibility of Steem. I am currently working on a marketplace idea myself using Steem and I might end up integrating with what you've done here to get Steem payments support on my platform.

I forked your repository and I'll see what I can do to contribute and further development.

Good to see SBD gaining a real-life use. That is something we as community should focus on.

i agree - this seems like it's a really big deal; am I wrong?

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