The Magic Frog: Wallet Integration (Task Request - 50 SBD + Utopian Upvote)

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In case you don't know yet...

The Magic Frog and his Magic Story Machine are a project around collaborative storytelling. Every day the community decides how the story should continue. Everyone can submit suggestions and vote on other's contributions. A post is published everyday and all the author rewards, those posts generate, are given back to the community once a story ends. Read more about it here.



If you are a magician...
There's a job for you!

You might not know but, last but not least, this whole project is intended to be a promotional campaign for the Steem blockchain. In order for this to work, the website needs to work as autonomously as possible, so that the user experience is seemless. Therefore we need an own wallet. I also need to improve the content, so that the user won't even notice that he's being educated. I also need f***ing money to create accounts. But that's a different story.... ha.. hahaha.... haha...


This is the current wallet implementation. (Click on your username once you're logged in.) Yes, you're right... there is no "implementation"!

If you are familiar with Vue.js (and nuxt.js) I would like to invite you to help me with developing a wallet solution. Actually it's not about helping me but about simply getting the job done!


  • simple transfer history (no other activites)
  • sending STEEM/SBD (with memo)
  • earned rewards summary - read the transfer history and say "You earned X.XXX SBD (also showing the dollar value) by participating"

It can be inside the current modal or in on a sub-page. Idk... you decide!



The Reward...

...will be a lot of love, shown in the form of 50 SBD! And there will be a guaranteed utopian upvote. I have connections!

Get in touch with me! Seriously... do it! ;)

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Is that a yes or a no?


I just thought we (males) stuck with the frog as in rewards.

Thanks the for the task request!

As I mentioned on your other task request: while I don't mind it personally, it's probably better to keep your task requests a little bit more formal (including a proper deadline).

Also unfortunately this task request has come about 3 months too early for me, otherwise I might've tried it out myself, haha.

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I don't mind it personally

Me neither... I just want to have fun while writing.


Me too. I have been wondering for a while what is the perceived value of formality?

Many of the most successful open source projects present themselves with terse elegance that I would not describe as formal.

Others, like our favorite magical amphibian here use a lighthearted style that fits their brand.

Humor and wordplay have deep roots in dev culture.

And I for one refuse to go back to wearing a suit and tie :)


Honestly... as you can clearly see... I'm getting a little bit crazy and I'm mixing the two personalities. :D


Noh... no, they... they are... meeer...*croak* giiin...

I think I can test my coding skills with this task :)
Transfer processes(sending STEEM/SBD with memo) will be easy but which summaries do you want? Only magic-frog summaries or all the summary of the account?


Right now... idk... :D no decision yet... just start if you want, we'll decide later on.


Hey @hsynterkr! I would like to invite you to the new discord server for the magic frog:
If you want, we cann discuss the development there.

Let me have a look, maybe I can help.


Hey @aneilpatel! @hsynterkr already offered to help. Maybe you can get in touch with him! Actually I just remembered that there's a discord server for the frog. Not really in use yet but you can join and we can talk about the development there.


Thanks, I have joined the discord group. Looking forward to contribute.

Hey @mkt
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

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I also need f***ing money to create accounts.


$ The most powerful domain of all magic! $$



Indeed... a magical algorithm to distribute wealth.... that needs to be fixed! Asap!