The Magic Frog: Automatic Reward Distribution, Higher Upvotes and a Story Archive (Development Update)

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In case you don't know yet...

The Magic Frog and his Magic Story Machine are a project around collaborative storytelling. Every day the community decides how the story should continue. Everyone can submit suggestions and vote on other's contributions. A post is published everyday and all the author rewards, those posts generate, are given back to the community once a story ends. Read more about it here.


I'm really trying to be productive these days... I really try hard. Still not a big update today but an important one!

Automatic Reward Distribution

Hell yeah! It's alive! Fully autonomous! A Money Machine... that tells funny stories! :D
The rewards are now automatically being claimed and distributed among all contributors. One lucky winner wins half of the pot, the other half get split among all other contributors.

I even tested everything and guess what... I totally failed. If you have a look at this commit you can tell how badly I failed at testing it. :P
The rewards were distributed one day too early and there was still a small mistake because I didn't know that transfers on the Steem blockchain need to be unique. Same sender, same recipient, same amount, same memo... won't work. Anyone knows a good reason for that?

More Efficient Upvotes

Since The Magic Story Machine is active once a day, we can use 20 % of the voting power everyday and why shouldn't we?

All story posts get a 100 % upvote, as well as the winning comment. So we have at least two 100 % votes each day, using ~4 % of our daily 20 % voting power. So there are ~16 % left. This remaining voting power get's distributed across all participants of that day. Every comment, that didn't make it into the story, will be upvoted by 100 % or less, depending on how many participants there are on that day. This means, as long as there are less than ~8 comments to upvote, everyone will receive a 100 % upvote. If there are more, the vote weight will scale down.

Story Archive

Now that the first story has ended, we need an archive, where you can read all the old stories. The implementation is simple (thanks to nuxt.js)... but it does what it's supposed to do.

You can read the first story here:

There's a new page:
And a new component:

If there's an image included in the story, it will serve as the story cover. The cover for The Magic Story #1 is quite amazing, isn't it? :D (Follow @hennifant for more sick shit!)

I also plan to have the stories proof-read and corrected here and there, and there will be an audio version. Those versions will also be available in the Story Archive once finished.

Localized Versions

This will certainly be the next big step. There will be at least a German and a French version of the Magic Frog. If you are really serious about supporting your language and there actually is an active community for that language... get in touch with me!

Support The Magic Frog

As always... the most effective way to support this project is to participate! But there's more you can do. ;)

Of course you should also follow @the-magic-frog so that you won't miss your daily chance to contribute to the story and get rewarded for it.

Sharing those daily posts helps with generating rewards, thus increasing the pot, and to attract more followers. 1000 followers is the goal for now! I will come up with some sort of special, once this goal is reached!

But now, here's another very effective and appreciated way of supporting this project. A DELEGATION! You have to know that I live 100% on Steem and that's why I am constantly powering down and "reloading" only when possible, when my finances allow it. Nevertheless, I've delegated 500 SP (Roughly a third of my SP!) to the frog, to ensure at least a minimum amount of rewards.
I know there are some people on this blockchain, that could easily afford to delegate the same amount or even more.

The more SP the frog can use, the higher the minimum rewards, the more people will be attracted, the higher the "quality" of the stories will be!
And don't forget that in the end... this is also meant to be a promotional project for the Steem blockchain.

So... if you think this project deserves a little bit more attention, please don't hesitate to take any of the opportunities above.


And don't forget to upvote the submissions from today! Since we start with only "Once upon a time..." this first day will probably have a very great impact on the new story! ;)

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This looks pretty fun! I'll participate :)


Good! :)

Magic frogs...good kek


You can lick them....

I'm glad to see the project/story moving forward. Every little bit of exposure helps.


We are still far away from where I want this project to be! But... we'll get there! ;)
Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the contribution!

That commit made me laugh harder than it should've! It was really fun participating in the first story, and I'm really curious how the second one is going to go. The archive is a really cool feature as well - let's fill it up!

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Thank you amos! It's a matter of the heart for me and it feels so good to see that people are actually enjoying it and giving this project some meaning! :)

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