Task Request: The Frog needs a Facelift!

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About the Project


The Magic Frog is a Bot/Website utilizing the STEEM blockchain to reward everyone involved in a collaborative storytelling project. By submitting small pieces of text (and even images), that the community can vote on everyday, the story evolves and sometimes takes quite strange, funny or interesting turns.

The Magic Frog is currently available in English, French and German and more languages will follow!




This task requires some drawing skills. In the beginning I just wanted this project to start and I used some free images to give it at least some character. Now I would like to have a truly unique visual experience and therefore unique graphics. There are 4-5 images/graphics we need.

It must be in comic look and preserve the character of the project. Actually the current frog is really just perfect. Exactly what I wanted. But... it's not unique. That's the only problem.

All graphics must not contain any text, since the project is multilingual and having an own graphic for each language would be an unnecessary burden.

You can provide the graphics in either vector format (PDF) or raster (4000px width).

The Magic Frog (mandatory)

The main task is to draw a new Magic Frog, who is the narrator of the stories and the mascot of the project and he gives it its character. If you read the first announcement post of the project, you'll learn something about his character. He is silly, sometimes rude, very cocky and likes dark humor.

Source (pixabay.com)

While this is the most important graphic, it's also the easiest one in this task request, because you really just need to take the current frog as a template and give it your own touch. Of course you can come up with something completely different but the soul and character should stay the same.

The Pot Of Gold (mandatory)

The Pot of Gold is what this whole project is about. You earn STEEM rewards by being creative and telling a story. If you want to learn more about the reward system read here: About Rewards

In terms of the projects spirit, we refer to those rewards as The Pot Of Gold and it is very glamorous but also mystical. No one has ever seen it for real, let alone touched it.

This is the current image:

Source... ehhh... as mystical as the pot itself.

You are very free with this one. Actually it does not even have to be a pot... it can be a chest or even some kind of vault. Be creative, we'll adjust the wording if necessary.

The Wizard (optional)

You read the announcement post? Then you know that the wizard is the frog's best friend, at least that's what he thinks, and the main protagonist of the first magic story. While the frog is the main mascot of the project, the wizard is the true master behind everything. Well... according to the first story ever told in this project... the wizard is dead. But let's forget this for a moment. He will act as a side character and he will appear every now and then and do some magic.
He is very old and wise but does not take life to serious. He sees his magic skills more as a tool for entertainment than fighting the dark powers. Sometimes he's a little bit confused and messy but in the end... he's a wizard, so what?

There have been some interpretations of him, but to be honest... this is noooot quite what I have in mind for this task. But anyway... just for entertainment purposes:



Credits go to: @hennifant (He actually created those with MS Paint... crazy dude!)

The actual wizard should be more in the same style than the frog and a bit less provocative and more... child-friendly, in the most innocent way! :D
Here's a better example:

Source (pixabay.com)

Something like that but different and maybe a little bit more wrecked and marked by his long life.

The Magic Story Machine (optional)

This is actually the bot, the piece of software that, alongside the website, makes this project work. It is also very mystical and nobody really knows how it works but... it does. Everyday it spits out a new story piece and some golden coins. Unfortunately the inventor is unknown and the machine is already very old and sordid. Some patches and lose parts here and there but it still works like a charm.

There's no image yet so here again your creativity is in demand. I really don't have anything specific in mind but I think it should have some opening where you can put something in and some sort of dispenser or outlet where the gold comes out. Here's some inspiration from another magic machine, called Google:




The Magic Forest (optional)

If you are really in the mood here's an extra task. The current cover image for the frog accounts here on Steem (see @the-magic-frog) is again simply a free image found on the internet.


Source (pixabay.com)

I would like to have something more in the style of the other graphics of course. A forest with a swamp and an old sordid hut.


Well, this task affects the entire character of the project, the visual style in general. So, be aware of your responsibility. ;)


Deadline is the 7th of August. But if there's at least some progress and a clear vision of the characters, I can wait longer. First priority is that the result really suits the project.

IMPORTANT: IF you want to work on this task, make sure you bring the time and enthusiasm to draw all the requested graphics. If, for now, you only want to work on one of them, that's OK. But I would really like to have the same person for all the illustrations


The Utopian upvote for your contribution post should be the minimum to expect. If this task request generates some decent rewards, we can share them.

I cannot offer extra money because I don't have so much. If my financial situation changes for some miraculous reasons, I am definitely willing to pay an extra bounty, maybe 50-100 $ or something. But that's more a wish than a promise. Don't expect anything!


First comment on this post, preferably with some examples of your previous work.
To discuss the details, if necessary, you can join our discord server: https://discord.gg/2dTe6B




WhatsApp Image 2018-07-25 at 10.53.04 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-26 at 2.08.05 AM.jpeg

My first two draws! Hope you like it!

I totally do! This is awesome! You're the man for the job! :D
So like we said on discord, just keep me updated about the progress!

This task request is now open.

  • Deadline: Post only to comments! The final time you can post the comment with your design is 7th August 2018 23:59 UTC. After this deadline, your contribution cannot be rewarded by Utopian. (its deadline for posting to comments)
  • The best design choosen by the project owner following all requirements will be rewarded. Other works might be rewarded if they achieve high quality.
  • Make just few of requested illustrations, then ask the project owner for feedback before you finalize other designs.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

Need help? Write a ticket on https://support.utopian.io/.
Chat with us on Discord.

Great work and commitment @mkt!

I would like to add that all images should be free of text since this project is multilingual and the internationalisation of the project is handled by the underlying code.

See the problem? ;-)

Good catch @helo! I added this to the post. Thanks! :)

Moin, Moin,
that sounds like an interesting task, I actually have some ideas. Since my previous works are already linked in the post, I will spare you with further work samples ... :D

You are most welcome! Just keep in mind:

a bit less provocative and more... child-friendly, in the most innocent way!


Roger that! :)

@mkt I can't use the discord invite link, its already expired.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I cannot update the post anymore. Here's a new link: https://discord.gg/RJ8wAJ Welcome!

Hey @mkt
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

Want to chat? Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/h52nFrV.

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Hey @sanchezpuukko! I'm sorry but you are a bit late. :( @ienrikex is already working on it and actually has provided some very nice results already. So for now everything we need is covered. But thank you for your interest. You are of course invited to join our discord server: https://discord.gg/e5ddG3

Oh really? I wanted to join in. It's a pity :(

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