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Pull Request

About the project:


As promised in the previous post, here's the next update for the Actifit landingpage. The changes mainly contain a menu bar and more content.

Animated Numbers

To make the page a bit more alive, I added an animation to the numbers shown in the first section.



For the animation I use TweenMax from the Gsap animation library. After separating the data into multiple component data properties I added some computed properties and watchers to trigger the animation.


As there are more content sections now and the page got a little bit longer, I added a navbar to smothly scroll up and down.



The HTML is basically just a simple bootstrap 4 navbar with some custom styling, including an opacity transition on hover.
The scrollDown method was renamed to scrollTo and takes the id of the element to scroll to as a parameter

More Content Sections

The page now shows a daily leaderboard and all other important people that are involved in the project, like team members and ambassadors.



I added a CSS class for the avatar images that are used in all sections.

The displayed users in the different sections are still static arrays or directly placed in the HTML. In the future there will be API endpoints to provide this data in a dynamic way.

Footer Component

I put the footer into its own component to implement it on the wallet page as well.
I also added social links for facebook etc. to it.

That's it!

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Thanks @mkt for the great work !


You're welcome! Tell me when there's more to do. :)

  • Great use of animated gif to show your animation work.
  • Good job on the comments, even in the HTML!
  • It's unfortunate that the Sponsored Athletes are hard coded, perhaps another PR is in the plan?

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Hey @mkt
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@mkt The website is looking very very cool. Thanks for making it look so amazing .


Thank you! :)