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RE: Translating Electron | English-Dutch #1

in #utopian-io5 years ago

Hi @altrosa!

Thank you for this first contribution to the Electron translation project.
So far the glossary is not showing any new material. Maybe it's because I've been translating for Node.js, but it looks familiar.
There are some longer strings alternated with a lot of shorter strings, which makes it just a little more interesting than GitLab.

The translation was well done, I didn't find any mistakes. The same goes for the older translations by others, as I've gone through some of their work as well. This makes things easier, as there aren't any inconsistencies in the translations.

Great job!

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Thank you! Glad to see the first contribution went well - 'Een goed begin is het halve werk' :-) Will continue on the project this week :-) Cheers!

Thank you for your review, @misslasvegas! Keep up the good work!

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