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I put together this repository to encourage data analysis for anyone who is interested and wants to learn about it. The technologies used are Python, SQL, data analysis tools (numpy), and data visualization tools (matplotlib).

As an example, I've done a peak price analysis of cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Pro.


  • Scope
  • Results
  • Findings
  • Conclusion
  • Tools and Scripts
  • Relevant Links and Resources


We're looking at only one cryptocurrency exchange, but it's probably the most beginner friendly and widely used of all: Coinbase (aka Coinbase Pro, previously known as GDAX). We're looking at all the prices in history and specifying that we want the highest price ever reached by using the following query:

SELECT *, datetime(time, 'unixepoch', 'localtime') as date
    FROM candles
    WHERE (market, time) IN
        (SELECT market, MIN(time)
        FROM candles
        WHERE (market, CAST(high as FLOAT)) IN
            (SELECT market, MAX(CAST(high as FLOAT))
            FROM candles
            GROUP BY market)
        GROUP BY market)


marketdate (PST)high
BTC-USD2017-12-17 04:36:00$19,891.99
ETH-USD2018-01-13 13:03:00$1,419.96
LTC-USD2017-12-12 06:11:00$420.00

  • On December 12th, 2017, Litecoin, the least popular of the group, was the first to reach its all-time-high.

  • Bitcoin followed shortly after on December 17th, 2017, however it took Ethereum about a month, January 13th, 2018.

  • Bitcoin's and Litecoin's peaks occurred in the early morning (relative to the PST timezone), 4:36 AM and 6:11 AM, respectively. For Ethereum, this was in the afternoon, 1:03 PM.

  • Litecoin's peak price is an integer, precisely $420.


Cryptocurrency investors were highly optimistic about cryptocurrency until the 2017 holiday season, but then quickly shifted to a pessimistic attitude in the beginning of 2018. Litecoin was probably the first to reach its all-time-high due to being the cheapest coin, thus its price could be manipulated more easily. We'll need to see another incredible rally upward if those peak prices are ever to be surpassed.

Tools and Scripts

All the scripts used are available in the main repository. Each analysis is under the "analysis" folder and the way to create your own database is under the "data" folder. Here is the link to the README for generating your own database

Here is the python script used for analysis

Relevant Links and Resources

This resource was helpful for turning a python SQL query into something that can be analyzed and visualized

Proof of Authorship

I'm the owner of the repository, in the "Notes" section of my main README I put my Medium and Steemit username

I'm excited to do more analysis and ease into doing more advanced data manipulation. My findings will be posted in the repository, Medium, and Steemit. As always, everything will be open source so that everyone can learn and benefit.

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Hi @milanocookie, welcome to Steem and great to see you contributing to Utopian! :) That's a cool set of scripts to fetch, analyze and plot price data from coinbase!

Unfortunately, the post does not fit the Utopian analysis category. The scope of this category is data analysis generated for Open Source projects, in the best case helping the project owner/maintainer in decision making for future developments. Market price analyses of assets on their own do not fall into the scope of Utopian.
Does it make sense to extend your toolset into a more generic framework? A tool like this could maybe make a cool Utopian development contribution? Seeing your GitHub history, I think the development category could be a pretty good fit for you! :) If you have any questions or need help getting started with Utopian, feel free to join our Discord server linked below.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

Need help? Write a ticket on
Chat with us on Discord.


Thanks, what I'll do is make some more updates to this repository to make it more like a data analysis framework and then post it to the development category in the future.


Thank you for your review, @crokkon! Keep up the good work!

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