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Steem Avatar Generator is a project ran by @wearecodex, it's a project to generate avatars related to the Steem Blockchain terminology (Plankton, Dolphin, Orca, and Whale) on their website. This task request was created due to the need of many designs for the users to have a plenty variety of models.


Benefits / Improvements

These designs were created under the owner standards, they will fit perfectly with the rest of the designs so users can use and mix them all with the rest.
First design is related to a superhero which is a popular theme among everybody nowadays, the other was meant to look like a lava orca, adding the sense of relief. The last one is meant to be some kind of gladiator.

Proof of authorship



CorelDRAW X7 and Photoshop CS6

Original files

Proof of Work Done


Thank you for your great job!

Note for utopian moderator

@michaelizer was in contact with wearecodex team on our discord server to get feedback for his designs; all will be used.

You are welcome, enjoy!

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