New logo for React Sunflower

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I tried to make a simple, minimalist logo which represents (part of) the name of the project plus adding something that gives the feeling of interaction and playability. It's perfeclty scalable to almost any size.


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CorelDRAW X7

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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To be considered for potential reward, logos should be delivered in a vector file (e.g. .eps/.svg/.pdf) for flexibility and scalability, as well as .png file format for immediate use of the logo.

You provided only .cdr files of your work. Also there are missing parts on your presentation:

  • No color and typeface information
  • No mock-up to show how your logo design will look like
  • .PNG versions of your logo design is not correct. You should cut the all white parts (or black parts) from get out of it

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