Why you should make use of wordpress for your e-commerce website

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we are currently in the last month of the year, everybody is preparing for the new year. During this period there are usually high sales because of the festive season.

People will want to travel home in other to have a wonderful holiday with their friends and family. The business man will definitely be looking for different strategy to increase sale of their product. Now that things are already going digital, there are currently increase in purchase of product online than the old school method of visiting a physical store in other to make purchase of a product.
As there are currently a lot of business owner that wish to have a personal e-commerce website for their business, but because they believe it is kind of difficult to set up and manage an e-commerce website. They lost hope and start looking for alternative. The truth is, reverse is the case, wordpress has actually make it easy to set up an manage your own e-commerce website.

In this blog series I will be discussing about WordPress, as will make a quick introduction of what WordPress is all about, whats Is e-commerce, difference between a blog and a website, what is woo-commerce , why you should make use of wordpress for your e-commerce website.
You don't need to be in a hurry while reading. Get a comfortable position, as I drive you through a smooth ride till the end of this article.



What is wordpress?

Wordpress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on php and MYSQL. Wordpress is one of the most commonly used content management system (cms).
Which has been in existence as far back as 2003 founded by Matthew C & Mike Little. WordPress is easy to understand and control. WordPress can be use for various purpose, which can be for blogging, website or E-commerce.

Before you get confuse about the difference between a blog and a website. permit me to make a quick brief about the difference between a blog and a website.


Difference between a blog & a website

A blogs is a website that is use to make regular update. Updates which can be daily, weekly or monthly. And it can be categorize based on it's niche.

while a website on the other hand is a collection of pages, linked together to give a full description of a particular product or service. A website can also be categories based on it's use and function. It can be an e-commerce website, Education website, Online tool website, Business Directory tool website and so many more.

But the focus of this article will be on e-commerce website.

let me quickly discuss what an e-commerce website is, before I will later go back to our main topic. which is why wordpress is a great platforms to create an e-commerce website.


What is an e-commerce website.

The world e-commerce actually come from the world (Electronic commerce), which is a term for any type of business or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. which simply means that an E-commerce website is a website that allow exchange of goods and services without distance barrier on the Internet.

Creating an e-commerce website with wordpress may look a little bit difficult. But you don't have to freak out, because you can actually get abreast with the wordpress platform offline, before you later make it live for the general public to access.

All you need is a xamp server to install wordpress locally. Click here to learn how to install wordpress locally on a xamp server.


Installing wordpress on your personal computer is a step forward into creating an e-commerce website. What you will need next is to have a woo-commerce plugin installed of which you can learn how to do set up an e-commerce plugin here

Below is a screenshot of my locally host wordpress e-commerce website.
Screenshot (137)~2.png
Back end view of my locally host e-commerce website

Screenshot (138)~2.png
Front end view of my locally host wordpress E-commerce website


Below is a link to woo-commerce github link


What is woo-commerce?

woo-commerce is an open-source platform that help to create an e-commerce website. Woo-commerce currently have thousands of developers that help to ensure regular update of the platform.This platforms has been in existence since 2008, which was designed and built to integrate seamlessly with the wordpress platform. With woo-commerce you will have endless variety of products.

There are thousands of free and paid professional e-commerce themes available on the web that support woocommerce. Search the web you will have a good source to download an e-commerce website theme.


Why you should use wordpress for your e-commerce website


Wordpress is secure depending on password use for your wordpress admin login area and also accounts database and hosting database. This simply means how secure your wordpress admin dashboard, depend on activities carried out on the platform. Those that can access wordpress back end database are the the administrators, which can be set easily by the owner of the website. With a wordpress website you can set set up a secure payment system to make purchase of product.


How fast your site load depends on the size of items uploaded on your wordpress website. Wordpress dashboard is designed to load in seconds. A wordpress website can be optimise easily for easy search engine optimization.


This are external software components that help to enhance or adds to an existing features on a wordpress website. Plugins are actually meant to extend the function of a website. With the plugin features you can make amendment to various part of your wordpress website. And there are thousands of free and paid plugin available for wordpress website.


This is a file that help to make the front end styling of a site presentable. A wordpress theme help to determine, font style, colors, page layout and position of items uploaded on the wordpress website. Wordpress themes are style in php.


Using other platform apart from wordpress can be quiet expensive to start and get familiar with. unlike wordpress where you have woocommerce to set -commerce website with a very low budget.



Wordpress been a free and open source project, has make thousands of developers come up with a free and paid wordpress themes and plugin to keep up with latest trends. There are thousands of e-commerce websites on the web, most of them make use of wordpress, due to high level of trust, speed and security. Making use of WordPress has been a great experience.

Now that you have read up to this point i will say you must have learnt something great about wordpress website.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful time.


Worpress website official url

[Woocommerce website official url](woocommerce.com]

Matthew C

Mike Little

Installing wordpress on Local server


This is the first post in the series. I hope you enjoy this series, expect more insightful post will about wordpress.


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