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The project Atlas is a Steemlancing crowd force on the steemit platform created for the sole purpose of promoting the steem ecosystem meaning any website or platform that revolves on the steem blockchain can be promoted with the atlas force of about 300 + if more volunteers accepts the offer of the promotional activities,
and also the project promotes crypto related products and activities.

project-atlas was founded January 7th and made its first steemit campaign that lasted for seven days January 29th to February 5th,
though the outcome for us then was huge as we made potential impacts of about 600k plus Impressions for the seven days with just seven (7) volunteers who volunteered for the campaign.

The full analysis of our previous campaign .
It can not be compared with the results we have with this seconds campaign for steemit( #SteemitLife ) about 13 million impacts.

promoting the steem blockchain has been the sole aim even by promoting some Crypto related activities like, Youstock,Aura, bitflux, Gto.

we are promoting the steem ecosystem as the fiat given for the services is converted to the steem currencies Sbd/steem to pay volunteers who participated by so doing promoting the steem blockchain and giving a value to the currency.


project Atlas promoting steemit platform on social media's will escalate soon to other platforms like Facebook, IG once the community has fully grown for hundred to thousands.

the audience for the steemit campaign with the hashtag #SteemitLife was directed to Twitter users as that was where the campaign took place and was Massively Hyped all the way from Monday to Sunday completing the circle ⭕ of seven days campaign for massive visibility destruction and we accomplish that feat with the help of the atlas force that accepted the campaign on our discord server where all activities takes place



This Twitter campaign on promoting steemit.com with the hashtag #SteemitLife saw a lot of progress as lots of twitter users retweeted some tweets of the volunteered atlas crowd and also send enquires and so on and also some steemit users who are not members of the atlas group were spotted as they joined the conversation some of those spotted that supported our campaigns were @overkillcoin @zulfikar @TrendOat and so on

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getting a good and clean results for the campaign

In order to get a good and clean analysis for our everyday visibility efforts,the atlas team were told to input a daily hashtag alongside with the #SteemitLife hashtag in order to neatly show our daily progress of the campaign to the steemit community.

The campaign started on Monday and every one that participated on the campaign are made to use two hashtags on there various tweets for a proper report of neat and clear hastracking results

Each efforts and results of our daily activities was recorded with a daily hashtag for a daily hastracking result and can still be lurk upon on our daily twitter campaign activities

****#SteemitLife is actually the hashtag all volunteers are ask to use and a compulsory on their various tweets and also to include****

And all various tweets history,efforts,activities From MONDAY TO SUNDAY TWITTER CONVERSATION can be lurk upon with this HASHTAG #SteemitLife

here on Twitter


We made a very great Potential impact on the steemit twitter campaign,
as everydays results gave us more strength and determinations to complete the other days #SteemitLife Campaign

Reports For Monday Campaign/ Analysis And Results


  • 221 tweets
  • 155Text tweets 70.14%
  • 32Retweets 14.48%
  • 11Replies 4.98%
  • 26Links/imgs 11.76%
  • Potential impacts 499,72
  • Tweets/ contributor12.28
  • Potential reach 110,906
  • Followers/contributor 6,161
  • 18 Contributors

kindly check TWEETBINDER for Monday results


Reports For Tuesday Campaign/ Analysis And Results


  • 109 tweets
  • 39 Text tweets 35.78%
  • 32 Retweets 29.36%
  • 13 Replies 11.93%
  • 25 Links/imgs 22.94%
  • Potential impacts 956,559
  • Tweets/contributor 7.79
  • Potential reach 186,410
  • Followers/contributor 13,315
  • Contributors 14

kindly check TWEETBINDER for Tuesday results


Reports For Wednesday Campaign/ Analysis And Results


  • 259 tweets
  • 168 Text tweets 64.86%
  • 73 Retweets 28.19%
  • 4 Replies 1.54%
  • 17 Links/imgs 6.56%
  • Potential impacts 399,428
  • Tweets/contributor 16.19
  • Potential reach 153,764
  • Followers/contributor 9,610
  • Contributors 16

kindly check TWEETBINDER for Wednesday results


Reports For Thursday Campaign/ Analysis And Results


  • 263 tweets
  • 84 Text tweets 31.94%
  • 154 Retweets 58.56%
  • 9 Replies 3.42%
  • 21 Links/imgs 7.98%
  • 3,544,924 Potential impacts
  • 1,121,337 Potential reach
  • 70 Contributors
  • 16,019 Followers per contributor
  • 3.76 Tweets per contributor

kindly check TWEETBINDER for Thursday results
####### https://www.tweetbinder.com/rs/4PsTa3KO3tp

Reports For Friday Campaign/ Analysis And Results


  • 511 Total tweets
  • 147 Text tweets 28.77%
  • 338 Retweets 66.14%
  • 6 Replies 1.17%
  • 25 Links/imgs 4.89%
  • Potential impacts 3,713,127
  • Tweets/contributor 5.62
  • Potential reach 1,656,609
  • Followers/contributor 18,204
  • Contributors 91
    kindly check TWEETBINDER for Friday results

Reports For Saturdays Campaign/ Analysis And Results


  • 352 tweets
  • 123 Text tweets 34.94%
  • 210 Retweets 59.66%
  • 5 Replies 1.42%
  • 16 Links/imgs 4.55%
  • 1,717,765 Potential impacts
  • 993,710 Potential reach
  • 36 Contributors
  • 27,603 Followers per contributor
  • 9.78 Tweets per contributor

kindly check TWEETBINDER for Saturdays results


Reports For Sundays Campaign/ Analysis And Results


  • Potential impacts = 834,686
  • Potential reach = 82,098
  • Contributors = 20
  • Total Tweets = 220
  • Followers per contributor = 4,105
  • Text tweets = 87
  • Retweets = 77
  • Links/images = 54

kindly check TWEETBINDER for Sunday's results



  • 1,989 tweets
  • 540 Text tweets 27.15%
  • 1,198 Retweets 60.23%
  • 23 Replies 1.16%
  • 241 Links/imgs 12.12%
  • 13,984,816 Potential impacts
  • 3,959,753 Potential reach
  • 309 Contributors
  • 12,815 Followers per contributor
  • 6.44 Tweets per contributor

*kindly check TWEETBINDER for Overview and overall results of the steemit life #SteemitLife Campaign from Monday 5th March to Sunday 11th March


13,984,816 Potential impacts
3,959,753 Potential reach
Steemians who accepted the campaign task on our discord server


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Hello bro this is an amazing job to help in promoting steemit, with huge turn up. The figure is huge man, you deserve to be a steemit ambassador.


lolx thanks for that bruv, just made me chuckle i will send my application soon, guess i have to. summon them like some Greek gods lol @steem-ambassador i really appreciate

Wow i cant believe this is huge work yoi guys are doing. This s awesome. Welldone and keep the good work. Consistency is the sole of business.

One love


thanks for that nice word friend, sure we keep doing our best with what we can offer to. the steemit platform.

I feel very proud to be an active member of Project-Atlas ~ As a team we all worked together brilliantly to promote Steemit & the Steem Blockchain ~ I believe we achieved that! Just look at the Tweet Analysis above...
Just AWESOME 😀👍👏

This is a whole lot of work done here... Keep the steemit evangelism going, I believe in the strenght of the group.


thanks much for such a nice word, we will surly do our part on making steem blockchain universal with our campaigns on social media's to get more users to really see the goodness of blockchain

Apparently the growth was incredible, I'm happy for your success, I'm willing to collaborate, I like that we grow as a community, it's a great idea.


sure man and i appreciate your comments so. much, sure we all can grow together promoting the steem ecosystem and also grow to gether as a community, join our discord and stay a while.

It is wonderful being part of this growth. We will continue to preach steemit and I am amazed at the outcome of the #steemitLife trend


thanks for participating on twitter campaign for steemit, i really appreciate this and your reward awaits you, i understand you have been very helpful to. the course, bless you and may the atlas force be with you. thanks

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@appics we would be glad if we partner with you, and run such campaign as we did for steemit, i will write a blog about appics soon, cause it seems every i enter i see appics lol.

may the atlas force be with you guys.
kindly join our atlas force community discord server https://discord.gg/HQRa8Hy and also @project-atlas thank you.

We are going places, up @project-atlas. Not quite surprise about this feat. More is coming...watchout y'all


definitely brother we are mooning like some Cryptos lol, thanks for. participatinglets do this again next month. #Project-Atlas

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i too have been so amazed with the above results and i just go like really we did this 13million impacts woooooow this is awesome smile, and a big thanks to you guys you really prove that

Team works makes the dream works

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.


thank you mod. bless

like anyone normal will come here to stay after they see whats going on around here. I bet new user retention here is below 1% or even lower. Potential vs real world are 2 different things. Steemit has nothing to offer it solves no real life problems so it has no real future. And most of the posts here are internal politics of immature platform. Do math on my points and draw a chart on this.


you have said you mind and your point of view, really i believe you, like you said steemit is kinda political in upvotes, but yea as much as you are right you are also wrong.

I'm deep into the entertainment world, and i have come to understand in this life not everyone will be a star, i promote music, artiste shows so I'm also using that skills on steemit
far from that.

where you are wrong is saying steemit has no future, it has a future more. than the future it self the fact that no one is showing us love or some are successful more than others is not the best way to define that,

no one knows me on this platform and yet i have made some few real dolls. even the @project-atlas that was created that made such result was nit supported by any but sometimes its for the love, steemit show me a future you are not seeing, i am taping on that and soon i pray it pays off and i all advice you to also tap in, keep doing your best, one day you just might be noticed even before us old timers.

thank you brother.


When I check your reputation after reading this your words, my body just calm because it really shows me 2 things.
1, maybe you don't start well on steemit or
2, you just join and want to grow faster.

Things does not work like that here, truly it is hard but remember you don't invest in this but if you do you will definitely earn it if you know your ways, (many ways to earn on steemit) but if you don't invest then think of how you feel when you don't have much likes on your Facebook posts and you always want people to like you and comment on your post.

How many post do you yourself vote in a day, how many people do you follow and make friends with daily on steemit, you can't expect what you don't give out. Grow up is the challenge on steemit and no one have ever won that but if you're about to try sbd is the result.


i really dont care about making money here i came here because of no censorship potential but after some time here i realized they just replaced pure removal and censorship with burial of content to some extent like shadow ban on reddit and other platforms. This platform offers nothing other than a monetary foundation for article writing, but is poorly executed. Since you have no real browsing capability or filters or search. I really dont give a shit about this platform to get that invested in it since i will never trade like you guys do, i wont chase to upvote shit for monetary gain i use this platform like any other non monetary i follow what i like and i upvote what i like. The way you guys see this as normal is just simply put going backwards in time. Saying this platform has shown you something i dont see is laughable since i see everything it has to offer and i understand how most of it works. Its just stupid and that is putting it mildly they try to push same shit like youtube and other social platforms have been doing for years just without any kind of shame. So no, this platform has no future you can make money even with platforms that dont pay you anything. I usually end up writing alot on this kind of comments. Ok so you made aprox 350$ in your half year here, i make that from writing 1500 - 2k word article, so i am just being realistic. Why would anyone write anything here when you see those idiots just comes and writes like 1 sentence and upvote their own article and earns money. This is why you dont really see any high quality content here most of it is just copied from other internet sources or pure fiction etc. I would be a total idiot if i would even consider putting real money into this platform. I would earn more just with pump and dump, wouldnt even need to waste my time writing and explaining shit to other people. Not sure how old you guys are but i asume you are born post 2000. You are more optimistic than realistic, this platform has no standing ground they use investors as money farms thats all no money gets made here, it just comes here to die. Sorry i always get carried away on this topics and yet dont even scratch the surface of how much this platform sucks and on how many levels, since things are not as simple as some people here see them.

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This is truly impressive @marshalllife what you doing for steemit with the help of your team. It's been quite fun I must say and I hope you get all the support you deserve.... @cryptoctopus would very much be interested in this...lovely work


i hope too friend and thanks so. much for taking you time on the report of our campaign bless you and may the atlas force be us all, thanks alot cause i appreciate.

Keep it up Atlas, you guys have been doing awesome and I am very sure we are very close to moon. Kudos 💪


for sure, blockchain is for all, and preaching that steem gospel is for sure also.

I'm sorry to say I missed this initiative. I have about 250 steemers on this twitlist and I think some of them would rt for you if you get on it. Although I will say that my steemit connections are not that good at rting.


From what I have seen - people will search for steemit, but not so much on steemitlife. But if I ever see your tweets I will rt if I can.

Generally - I'm rting content tweets for steemit as opposed to advertising tweets over there. My other content creating connections rt steemit tweets fairly well - but my steemers? Like, like, like, like, like!


wooo, its been ages where have you been really?? , okay no problems on that, yea we used the #SteemitLife hashtags as it rotates the first one we did on January 29 to feb 5 was #JustSteemit but we also use #Steemit as a sub # hashtag, fresh hashtag allows us to make a fresh and clean analysis of our efforts.

every month we promote steemit and the steem blockchain on Twitter, we do move to other social media soon, so kindly join us next month's, thanks

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  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!


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Mhen! This is massive. You're doing a great work. Keep it up.


thank you man