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What is Steemauto?

Steemauto is developed to help steem users in many ways. Steemauto will do some of the users daily tasks for them automatically for free!

Steemauto is an open source project and anyone can contribute to this project!

Note: you can skip this post if you are not a developer:)


I applied StandardJS to the JS files and modified some of them!
From now, upvote.js will not upvote posts which are older than 6.5 days!
trail.js improved for next updates (filtering upvotes by tags)
All functions converted to the arrow functions and all callbacks removed (except streaming blocks function! that is impossible to stream blocks without callback function without any other dependency)
all possible semicolons removed
and Contact.php edited
mysql/index.js added (MySQL pool) for handling MySQL connections, up to 20,000 connections!
Recoded MySQL query method to return a promise!
and etc

I'm going to add the possibility of including or excluding tags in the fanbase and curation trails! It will need some more work and research.

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I'm a keen user of steemauto nowadays. Will support you in which way I can, firstly I believe you have my witness vote from my proxy @murda-ra
Thanks again for the great tools ... :D

WARNING! The comment below by @erudire leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

It sounds interesting. I'm gonna have to check it out!

Excellent work, man! Keep it up. I love what you've done with SteemAuto and it's what I trust to use.

@mahdiyari this automation is fantastic and i have also been using it from the last some days.

It seems to be a really wonderful service

Mate, you create one of the most useful tools in the steem blockchain.
Thanks for your hard work.
Resteemed for increasing visibility.
p.s: If you include the TAGS discrimination then it will be the perfect tool for communities.

wow awesome blog..

very usefull information about steemit bro it was very usefull

It seems to be a really wonderful service
Thank you for the wonderful effort

Could you sent byteball to me.
Here is my address:


It seems this address is wrong!


So which address I should send


should it be steem attester address.


I have a problem I send my wallet address to bot . But bot didnot reply to me.


yes. I will read again.


could you send it again.


Sorry, looks like I can't send something! I have problems with my wallets
you can ask here:

Services from github always changes and at times it is complicated to understand

@mahdiyari sir is it only for developer?

thank for this information It seems to be a really wonderful service
Thank you

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