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GitHub repo: https://github.com/mahdiyari/dblog-backend
Commit: https://github.com/mahdiyari/dblog-backend/commit/7c59954b65ef9d3951da7203b9a480417c96d122
& https://github.com/mahdiyari/dblog-backend/commit/7309faba7e7f29d217d730351daae963b170ee12

Recently I announced a new opensource project: https://steemit.com/onsteem/@mahdiyari/announcement-onsteem-a-better-interface-on-the-steem-blockchain

I started developing back-end for this project called Dblog.io (new name)!
We will have a back-end here and a front-end here

A demo will be available here: https://dev.onsteem.com (back-end and front-end connected)


Note: if you are not a developer, you can skip this part!

After some research, I found a way to manage more MySQL connections without disconnection errors!
I create a pool of MySQL connections instead of a single MySQL connection

const pool = mysql.createPool({
  connectionLimit: 1000,
  host: config.db.host,
  user: config.db.user,
  password: config.db.pw,
  database: config.db.name,
  charset: 'utf8mb4'

This pool will handle up to 1,000 live MySQL connections. Also, the pool is able to add extra connections to the queue!

Then, I coded the MySQL query() method to return a promise

const con = {}
con.query = async (query, val) => {
  if (val) {
    let qu = await new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      pool.query(query, val, (error, results) => {
        if (error) reject(new Error(error))
    return qu
  } else {
    let qu = await new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      pool.query(query, (error, results) => {
        if (error) reject(new Error(error))
    return qu

This function will create new MySQL connections in the pool then will return received result of query, after returning result, that connection will be released in the pool to handle another query!
Also, handling errors are easier in this function!

I edited all functions to return a promise, with this, about 100 lines of codes reduced!
Also, syncing user's data is under development, I just uploaded a file and development will be inside that file.

(Actually, I'm going to add some minor features to the Steemauto then switch back to the Dblog)

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I see that you followed some of my advice :) that's great. Good job on the update.

Let's go for the review:

In any case it's nice to see that's you made some great improvements on your project. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for your great review
using .then() allows me to run multiple codes at the same time! and await/async pauses functions for a little time!
That is how I used them! in the main function (top-level function) I decided to use then() to allow other processes to run at the same time! (for example, syncing blocks which I will add)


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Following you, thanks.

This is terrific. I missed the introduction post from a month ago but went back and read it. Great application that you are making. A serious front end application is needed big time. The fact that you are tying the back end yourself means a lot.

It is great to see. This should only build on the success of steemauto....another great app that benefits the steem blockchain.

It's good news. Best regards @mahdiyari

Congratulations @mahdiyari!
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