"@busy.pay" seems to be able to vote more.

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"@busy.pay" is an account operated by 0.51 million SP delegated from @misterdelegation, which is the account of STEEM_INC.

Therefore, it is recommended that the delegated SP be utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible.


The chart above shows the daily voting power consumption trend for the "@busy.pay" account.

As you can see, between January 23rd and July 28th, last year, the voting power consumption rate fluctuated significantly, and many days exceeded 100%.

However, since July 29, "BUSY"side has a more accurate voting system and the voting power consumption has also stabilized downward. Let's zoom in on the chart again.


It is now a problem because the voting power consumption rate is too low.


The voting power consumption rate for the whole period is 88%, but it is as low as 80% since July 29 last year. Even lower this year to 75%. That is, 25% is not used.


Of course, the reason why the daily voting power consumption rate declines is basically the decrease in posts.

Please check the trend of the green line. On the contrary, average voting weight per post is on the rise. Nonetheless, 25% of the available voting power per day this year is meaninglessly lost.

Proposal Description

Please select various improvement measures and increase the voting power consumption rate.

Of course, it can be difficult because it requires some predictions.

For example, based on the average voting power consumption rate of the last week, we can think about raising the voting weight per post altogether. Of course, the underlying period is just an example.

The easier way is to narrow the voting interval. For example, "@busy.pay" will be able to vote every 18 hours instead of every 20 hours.

Mockups / Examples

  • Now


  • Future


In the near future, please increase the average voting power consumption level to more than 90%. 90% is just an example. Increasing voting power consumption has its own significance.


① "@busy.pay" can give authors more rewards.

This improvement has the advantage of giving authors more rewards.

Since the "BUSY" side has received the SP delegation of STEEM_INC, it is necessary to use the SP more effectively and efficiently. Even if it is troublesome, it is necessary to improve the voting system appropriately to the changing situation.

② "@busy.pay" can also get more curation rewards.


According to my recent research, in January of this year, the curation yield of "@busy.pay" was 4.9%.

Analysis of actual curation yield distribution

This is a pretty good curation yield, but if "@ busy.pay" increase the voting power resumption rate, the "busy" side can get 20 to 30 percent additional curation revenue.

The Data and Queries

I did this analysis by connecting to the @steemsql db with MSSQL client(Microsoft SQL server management studio), Excel.

GitHub Account

Refer to My Github


Hello @lostmine27!
Thank you for contributing.
Your proposal makes a lot of sense and without a doubt, busy will receive more curation if voting is done sensibly.
But your suggestion is more of an organization issue and hence it can not be considered for utopian reward under suggestion category.
I am sure that you know that suggestions which are technical enhancements that add significant value to the project are considered for utopian reward.
However, it would be a better idea if you make an analysis of bot's behavior and propose how the bot can be used more efficiently.
We are already looking for your next contribution.
I do apologize for the late review.

Need help? Chat with us on Discord.


Thank you for your review.

By the way, I have contributed dozens of times, but it is the first time that I can not get any score at all. I politely ask you to reaffirm your review. Sometimes I've seen cases where the review results change. If there is no change after that, I will appeal it through the discord.
In my opinion, this article is consistent with the guidelines.

This review has been done in consultation with other moderators and our community manager. You can reach out to us on discord if you are not satisfied with the review.

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I've already proposed technical alternatives in the article because I've found that the "busy.pay" voting power consumption rate is decreasing. For example, the "busy.pay"bot can raise the voting weight collectively and narrow the voting interval currently set at every 20 hours.

I'm not a "busy" employee, and because this issue is not "bug," there's nothing more I can do. That's why I submitted this post to the "ideas"category. I think this is not an organizational issue, but rather a fully technical idea. Also, since "busy.pay" is an account with the SP delegated from STEEM_INC, they should try to contribute more to the STEEM community, and my article is an idea for that. Therefore, I think it is consistent with the goals and guidelines of the utopian-io.

I asked the utopian team to review my article through discord. But if the "utopian-io" team makes the same decision, I will humbly accept it.

Thank you for your review, @syedumair! Keep up the good work!

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Actually I also found one reason behind this. The follower's SP sum isn't updated well. I suspected this, since my pct was fixed for a long time, which I didn't care. But this post made me curious, so I checked that.

A sharp opinion.

Reducing the update interval for the "followers' SP SUM" value may contribute to a slight increase in voting power consumption rate.

<핵심요약: "busy.pay"는 좀 더 많이 투표할 수 있어 보입니다.>

busy.pay는 STEEM재단으로부터 51만SP를 위임받아 운영하므로, 가능한 효과적/효율적으로 투표파워를 관리하는 것이 좋을 것입니다.

최근들어 투표시스템을 고치면서, 과거처럼 보팅이 들쭉날쭉해지지 않은 점은 개선된 점일 것입니다.

반면에 투표파워소진율은 점점 낮아지더니 올해 들어서는, 평균 75%선까지 낮아진 것으로 나타났습니다. 아마도 post수 감소와도 무관하지는 않을 것입니다.

따라서, 보팅간격을 좁힌다거나, 특정기준에 의거 일괄적으로 보팅가중치를 높인다던가 하는 방식 등으로 투표파워를 가능한 최대한 사용하는 것이 좋아 보입니다.

좀 번거롭겠지만, 상황 변화에 맞게 수시로 적절히 투표체계를 조정할 필요가 있어 보입니다.

이는 저자들에게 약간이나마 더 나은 리워드를 제공할 수 있고, 나아가 "BUSY"측도 지금보다 20~30%정도는 큐레이션수익을 높일 수 있을 것으로 보입니다.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

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haha nice idea! we need more voting, always :)

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-젊은 마인드, 해...

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