My Steem Discovery Feed is Now on Github!

in utopian-io •  6 months ago

Thanks to @antonchanning my idea for a better steem feed based on discovery is now documented on github!

In my last post I asked for any volunteers to help me by testing my algorithm that is currently being run on a spreadsheet with google apps script. @antonchanning volunteered and is now hoping to turn this idea into a webpage as part of the @blockpress project.

If anyone else would be interested in trying out my feed algorithm, let me know in the comments.

If you don't want to read my previous posts, here is a quick summary of how it works:

  • The program looks at every vote you have made and finds the top 100 people that have voted most similarly to you in the past.

  • Those 100 people become your personal curators of content. Whenever one of them votes on a post, it will show up in your feed.

  • As you vote/skip over posts in your feed your curators will receive scores based on whether you vote on the things they have or whether you skip past them.

  • The curators with the best scores will have a greater influence on the order of your feed.

  • Every day your worst curator is replaced with a new one.

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Hi. Welcome to Utopian.

You're doing a very interesting job, but your project is not a valid open source repository registered in Github.

The linked repository in your post is, but, according to the blog post rules:

  • "Submissions to this category are designated to promote open source projects and to inform about their development. The post may be one of the following: (1) Project Promotion, (2) Project Introduction, (3) Development Log."

Your post does not fit with the blog post category. There is not information about the linked repository and is too short to understand it in a clear way.

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Ok, thanks! Sorry I'm still trying to figure out how utopian works...


Hey @kit.andres
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What a neat project! Caught my eye since I just dusted off my three-year-old Github account to try and wrestle with it again 😅
I'd be interested in helping you test. Let me know!


Awesome! If you want to contact me on or email me at I can set it up for you!

Greetings @littlejoeward you mentioned on a comment to one of my posts you'd appreciate an evaluation of your posts. I surely can do that, however, I trust you understand I'm just another Steemian making my way here. I'm still in the process of refining what I write/post and how I do it. But I will offer what I can.

Right now, today and tomorrow, I'm preparing for a live discord show I'm going to be doing. We'll be discussing consciousness, Steemit, the Cosmos, beliefs... those kinds of things with the underlying idea of helping Steemit and each Steemian find and meet their greatest potential here. That will be 1:00 Pacific Standard Time. I'll send you a link to the show in a comment here.

So I'll not make it back to your blog until Thursday. However, there are a couple of things you can do right now:

  1. Power up your Steem into Steem Power.
  2. You must be a working man, which is good, but you only seem to post something on a pretty limited basis. It is probably difficult for you to devote a lot of time to Steemit but if you can increase your frequency of posts that will do more than anything to get you moving along. Some people recommend a daily post, which is pretty challenging. However if you could get every other day or every 3rd day then this keeps you in front of people and you will begin to see an improvement in the $ you make. I hate to be so blunt but without a consistent presence people tend to drift away. The same goes for your upvoting of otheres and commenting. That must be a constant thing too.
  3. I suspect, too, that the development of relationships, commenting, seeking like-minded folks to join in community is probably infrequent too. This work is just as important as your posts. And must be kept active.
  4. So what I am saying is that to progress from a (54) you'll have to put in more time and effort. From this point (54) on it becomes critical you are in community/relationship with others. They put you on autovote, they follow and look for posts, they support and sustain you and you do the same for them. Without these relationships it becomes very difficult to move much further.
  5. However with your new feed algorithm you may generate activity through technology. That, my friend, is in another universe from where I am. I'm about as tech oriented as a jellyfish.

Anyway, I'll be back. Many blessings.