Finding plagiarised memes and adding a search box when posting

in utopian-io •  10 months ago is an aspiring meme platform that rewards original memes and incentivises honest work. It may not have all the delegation and development support but it is a transparent open source project and can take the community votes and suggestions.


  1. Enabling identification of plagiarised/similar memes.
  2. Easier search for meme backgrounds when creating a meme


1)At the moment when posting from the content sent to the blockchain is a simple <img> tag with the image source url. Beside the title of the post, this doesn't provide enough information about the content of the meme.

I propose adding the name of each meme as an attribute to the <img>or under Steem post tags.
I also propose adding each text used when creating a meme underalt=""attribute or as separate attributes.

2)My other proposal is add a search box when creating a meme.

Mockups / Examples

Adding the meme name as a post tag

Adding meme name and texts inside the img

<img meme=“advice-dog” texts=“how to advice dog use a ling of text here give bad advice like buying ripple and another here" src="" />

Search box for memes
Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 2.11.17 p.m..png


Each meme posted will have a unique identifiable meme attribute (Meme name) and the work that is done by users (Meme texts).

To look up for plagiarised memes we don't have to do an extensive reverse image search on each image and we don't have to depend on moderators' memory which can be subjective to error.
By adding attributes to images early on, this will enable an easier search by moderators and users of memes with similar attributes. This will also enable @cheetah and other bots to compare memes from Memeit-lol.

The second proposal will help users find memes from hundreds of memes that will be added later.

If memes are posted with their tags, users can easily look for them by searching for the corresponding name in the search box.

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might give this one a check sometime.


Yes i'm also trying it soon beside dMania


heard zombee has been abusing dmania, was in one of the top feeds..

Wow this is cool, i guess it should be implemented.


Thank you .. I hope it does

thank you for the contribution it have been approved

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Thanks a lot mod

I believe blockchain's technology will soon enable people to be professional memers. Be paid to create dank memes, what a beautiful world we're living in!


Yes we need to reward professional memers :D

This is a great idea. Thank you for your submission @lifeaef


Thank you for your work for memeit-lol

A new platform based on Steem you have built ?


It's not my creation but I'm trying to help its development

Hey @lifeaef! Thank you for the great work you've done!

We're already looking forward to your next contribution!

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