Element Hiding Helper for brave browser shield

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brave browser ads/tracker shield


Brave browser have a built in ads/tracker shield that is missing the element picker functionality. the element picker give users the ability to choose and block an element in the web page they are visiting

this function is included in Firefox addon "ublock orgin" and as a standalone Firefox addon "Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus "

Mockups / Examples



  • having the option to block individual element gives the user to block the parts that the shield have missed
  • it let's the developers collect these data and add them to their blocking database
  • also the elements that are not ads or trackers but rather annoying to the users

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Hey @kiaazad, your contribution was rejected by the supervisor @favcau because he found out that it did not follow the Utopian rules.

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Thank you.
Your contribution has been approved.

I accepted this contribution because this feature is unique in a way otherwise the features which usually have similarities with other similar projects are less likely to be accepted.

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Hi @kiaazad,

Sorry but your contribution can not be approved.

The same feature was already suggested on GitHub here and here

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How well do you have those options and allow the user to execute the one they want most?