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OroCRM is an open-source CRM platform developed with ultimate flexibility to meet any business need. The solution offers robust customer management tools, powerful reporting, and complementary third-party integrations. Customers can deploy in either a SaaS/cloud environment or on-premise setup. Whether a business is a large multi-national entity or a mid-sized retailer, OroCRM is the best solution for leveraging customer data, building relationships, and increasing sales.

OroCRM is easy to use platform which allows you to do all your business needs whether management or marketing. OroCRM make it easy for you to do reports, analyse your data, storing your customers data and manage them and also helps you to anticipate customer needs.

In the technology era, software like Orocrm is very needed to make it easy for us to run any business. It saves your time and give you good results, reports and charts which you will study and take the right decisions.

Contribution Specifications

- Translation Overview

This is my Tenth contribution in translating OroCrm, this Project is 48% translated into Arabic. The last strings that I have translated were linked to Management, costumers data, Marketing, and advertising campaign via Email or using dotmailer or MailChimp platforms. So most strings were about the Results of advertising campaign and how costumers interacte with that.

There were some Incomprehensible words in this contribution, But I took my time to read about the right meaning of each string or any abbreviation. Most of strings and words in this contribution were linked to Marketing and analysing costumers data. So I did my best in all contributions to give the accurate translation, I am going to keep contributing till complete translating this project and make it easy to use to Arabic speakers.

- Languages

I am translating OroCRM from English into Arabic. This is my Tenth contribution but I am going to continue contributing to complete it in my next contributions.

- Word Count

I suggested tow or three translations in some strings to give the right meaning, all of them are correct and understandable. I did that to allow the proofreader choose the best ones and the project contains some duplicates words.

So the Number of words I translated in this contribution is: 938

countable words :826

Number of duplicated words: 112

My previous contributions in this Project:

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Hi @khaled-dz,

Thank you for your contribution.

    • This is your tenth contribution to this project.
    • The translation was quite easy, but the lack of terminology can make the whole thing extremely hard, I think all the strings related to “dotmailer” will always need more clarification and context. And to be honest, I wish all projects had the same context shots added like in the Esteem project. Be careful when dealing with standalone words, they are usually one of the hardest strings to deal with, especially if they are related to functions or variables. You can also pay more attention to words that need diacritics.

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