Actifit Mobile App - Stops When User Clicks on Paste or Taps on Post Content Field

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This is the first time I attempt to report a bug. I will try to be as thorough as possible and I thank you in advance for your advise and review.


Expected Behavior

The user attempts to copy paste a previously written text of 47 words (the app has set a limit of minimum 30 words for a post to be able to go through)
The user expects the text to be pasted and to be able to post to steemit

Actual Behavior

The moment the user taps and tries to select paste, the app crashes and needs to be restarted.
Every time the paste is attempted, the same behavior occurs


Actifit App for Android V.3.0.1
Device: Samsung s6 edge
Android Version: 7.0


I asked a couple of friends to reproduce it, and it was not possible. They use different devices so I do not know if it is a device issue. I did not copy-paste any text in the past so I just noticed it 3 days ago after my copy-paste attempt. Every time I tried to reproduce it, I did. Here you will find the steps I followed in detail:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a text ready to copy. Make sure that the text is more than 30 words (app limitation is minimum 30 words)
  2. Select and Copy Text.
  3. Open App
  4. Make sure you have more than 1000 steps (minimum steps - app limitation)
  5. Select your activity(ies)
  6. Tap in the field 'Post Content (Describe your day's activity)'

You can see here a gif I created and below there a link to a previous video (23 of August) - both from my mobile phone.


video 23 August 2018

My github account:


I tried to check if it was an one-time bug or not.
I tried to check with other friends who owned different devices & different Android Versions
I notified the Devs (@mcfarhat via discord) at Actifit in order to work on a fix.

Actifit is an app that rewards users activity with tokens (AFIT) and @actifit's upvotes. Feel free to visit the below links for more information


play.jpg | steemit0.jpg | www.jpg | steemauto.jpg | discord.jpg | facebook.jpg | twitter2.jpg | insta2.jpg| FAQs | App tutorial | Video Tutorial

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Hey @katerinaramm,
Welcome to the Utopian Community,
Thanks for starting your journey with a Bug-hunting post.
Below is my feedback:

  1. You should open your Issues in the GitHub as well, this allows the developer to easy to maintain bugs in the project.
  2. Acknowledgment from Project owners on your bug is a good practice before you post on Steemit.
  3. If you find any solution to this bug, including that in your bug report can highly affect the score.
  4. You should include the details like you mentioned one-time bug or not, Device testedetc both in your Github and in the post. Like the various devices you mentioned.
  5. It's a great thing you contacted The PO first on Discord. Good work!!
  6. The English and Formatting of your Post is Good!! You did an awesome job for your first post in this category.
  7. Title of your post should be more concise and to the point eg. Actifit[versio]:crash on paste
    Thank you for contributing.

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Thank you for your review, @sachincool!

So far this week you've reviewed 3 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for reporting this @katerinaramm, yes as you mentioned we are working on a fix

You should add the application version into your post and any proof of contacting the project owner.

I haven't got the steps so can't review this, but I am a mod. This isn't a review, this is simply advice prior to a mod who can review this coming along :)


Thank you very much! I have amended according to your feedback ☺

Very strange. I never had this problem so far.


Thanks for replying Peter!
This is why I mention it, it may be a device-android version thing..


Hmm, any copy/paste problems when using other apps? I am just gessing.


I have been using paste function at other apps without any issues (email, instagram and more)

Hey, @katerinaramm!

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It never happened with my smartphone

Posted using Partiko Android