SteemVBS Update: Vests/Steem Conversion and Current Vote Worth

in utopian-io •  2 months ago

Introducing to SteemVBS

SteemVBS is the first Steem Library written in VBScript. Yes, it is VBScript. ;)

New Features

Adding the support for Vests/Steem Conversions and the functions to get the current vote worth. In particular, the following functions have been added to the library.

  1. Steem_Per_MVests
  2. Vests_To_Steem
  3. GetRewardFund
  4. GetRecentClaims
  5. GetAccountVests
  6. GetMedianPrice
  7. GetAccount_UpvoteValue


Vests and Steem:

Dim SteemIt
Set SteemIt = New Steem

WScript.Echo SteemIt.Steem_Per_MVests
WScript.Echo SteemIt.Vests_To_Steem(1)
WScript.Echo SteemIt.Steem_To_Vests(1)

Get Current Vote Worth:

' get account upvote value
Public Function GetAccount_UpvoteValue(id, vp, weight)
    Dim power
    power = (100 * vp * 100 * weight / 1e4 + 49) / 50
    Dim total_vests
    total_vests = GetAccountVests(id)
    Dim final_vests
    final_vests = total_vests * 1e6
    Dim rshares
    rshares = power * final_vests / 1e4
    Dim rewards
    rewards = GetRewardFund
    Dim sbd_median_price
    sbd_median_price = GetMedianPrice
    Dim estimate
    estimate = rshares / GetRecentClaims * rewards * sbd_median_price
    GetAccount_UpvoteValue = estimate
End Function

Fully Unit Tested:

Dim SteemIt
Set SteemIt = New Steem

Dim Util
Set Util = New Utility

Dim fund
fund = SteemIt.GetRewardFund
AssertTrue fund > 0, "Rewards Pool should be larger than zero"

Dim esp
esp = SteemIt.Vests_To_Steem(SteemIt.GetAccountVests("justyy"))
AssertTrue esp > 1000, "justyy's ESP should be at least 1000"

Dim price
price = SteemIt.GetMedianPrice
AssertTrue price > 0, "median price should be larger than 0"

Dim upvote_value
upvote_value = SteemIt.GetAccount_UpvoteValue("justyy", 100, 100)
AssertTrue upvote_value > 0.1, "full vote value should be at least $0.1"

Dim current_upvote_value
current_upvote_value = SteemIt.GetAccount_UpvoteValue("justyy", 50, 20)
AssertEqualFloat upvote_value * 0.5 * 0.2, current_upvote_value, 0.1, "current upvote value calculation error"

Set SteemIt = Nothing
Set Util = Nothing



Pull Requests

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  1. voting me here, or
  2. voting me as a witness proxy - let @justyy represent you.

Thank you! Some of My Contributions: - SteemIt Tutorials, Robots, Tools and APIs and VPS Search Tool

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Thanks for the contribution, @justyy! Sorry for the late review, it's probably because none of us use VBScript. It's cool to see you have added a couple of new functions. I was wondering if you use this library for something? Why should someone use this over e.g. one of Python/JavaScript's libraries?

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