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New Project: The Curators' Helper

What is the project about?

It's hard to be a content curator when there is so much to wade through. Most of the posts are not worth the curator's time to click in and see a post with no effort. This small script aims to give the curator a list of posts with substantial effort.

I chose to start this project out of my own need. Now that I am developing @nebulus streaming to dlive daily, and still need a full-time job, wading through a mountain of steem posts was taking more and more of a back seat. That said, I did not want to give up my role in MSP as the Technology and Science curator, so the idea came to me, "why not only look at posts over a certain word count?"

The reason for this is due to my time as a curator. The longer the post is, the more effort the creator put into the post, and the more likely the post is of quality. Search engines like Google and Bing use word count as a metric for ranking, and it turns out to be a very useful metric when curating.

As time goes on, I plan to add more features, more parameters, and maybe even add in @themarkymark's blacklist API to further refine the output of the content. As for now, the user has to run the python script via terminal every so often to get fresh content, and this is less than ideal.

Bloggers around the web write for the search engines, and longer helps them hit page the front page. So why raise our standards as curators also? If more curators require a thousand or more words in a post, then more people will write to that goal. Leading better thought out content for the Steem blockchain.

Technology Stack

Python and a small amount of HTML to display output in a user-friendly manner. We use the BEEM implementation of STEEM by @holger80 to access the blockchain. The future releases will include greater use of HTML, CSS, and PHP to make the app more user-friendly. The web app version will run on my LAMP server the currently hosts


  • Add Web App Version:
    • Choose topic via radio button
    • Give users the ability to pick minimum word count
    • Vote via SteemConnect
    • Add choice to use Steemit or Busy for reading
    • Allow users to download a list of the content found
  • General Improvements:
    • Faster content word count using BEEM instead of loading via a web scraper

How to contribute?

The best way to contribute is to message me on Discord at jrswab#3134 and let me know you are looking to help out the project and we can chat about what the best approach is going forward. You may also message jrswab on but keep in mind that I only check that once per day and often forget.

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Thank you for the contribution. I really like the idea, but as in the current state of the application, it does not bring any uniqueness. Anyone can run the Get_Query_By_Hot and get the top 10 results. I would love to see how you can add some algorithm to find out the best contents from the Steemit. There are quite a applications which do the similar things, to stand out Machine Learning would be really helpful.

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it does not bring any uniqueness

I wrote this because I knew of no tool that did something like this. If this already exists for anyone to use as my aim is here than I understand.

Anyone can run the Get_Query_By_Hot and get the top 10 results.

I am not just grabbing top ten results. The script checks the length of the post and its just the start. I know it's not an impressive script and as I said in the post, I plan to add more vectors to the algorithm.

I also do not believe that anyone could do this, yes anyone with programming experience can but if we would ask any random Steemian to do it I bet the random person no idea where to start.

Anyway, thanks for your input. I'll see what I can do with machine learning as you suggested.


I don't know how to run scripts, so any initiative helping in this way, even if it already exists is great, and it's just the start.


Thanks for the reply, what I meant that even though you check the length of the post before showing, still a lot can be done to improve the project overall to give a definite advantage over other tools.


Yes a lot can be done and I want to do more to make this as useful as possible even if I'm the only one to use it. It was never meant to be considered a finished product.


Thank you for your review, @codingdefined!

So far this week you've reviewed 7 contributions. Keep up the good work!

I know what you mean about wading - I gave up on finding entries to the PIF contest for just that reason! (Settled for a small delegation instead).

Sounds like an elegant solution - sometimes the simplest ideas are thr best. Have you come across @trufflepig btw, I wonder what your thoughts are on that algorthim.

Good work!

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yes truffle pig is a cool bot in my mind and they do good work. I have not looked at their code but they are not a competitor to this small project. This is to be a tool for manual curators, not a bot to do the curation.

This seems like a very smart idea. like you said, finding good posts is difficult because there is just too much content to wade through. So having a tool available that eliminates a lot of the "noise," should make things a bit easier for curators. I think word count is a good start. Image counts and black lists are good also.

Great idea. Good luck in the project!


Thanks @leaky20! I am looking to add more variables to the mix as time goes on. The number of images would be a cool metric to display and would help some curator knew if there are too many or too few.


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Awesome. Was thinking of doing something like this as well... picking up Python again. I might even get around to contributing :-) We'll see. Be cool to build it out more, great start.


Thanks @jasonbu! I'm still getting used to python myself since I learned to program with C++ many years ago but it's fun for a nerd I guess. lol

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Ok. Yeah. Quality curation technology is important but Im not always so sure that the longer the post is, the better the quality. I have tried not to make my posts too long & taken longer amounts of time to write good content but will consider creating longer posts due to your expressed considerations.

Thanks for your info & efforts.


I have tried not to make my posts too long

There is a happy medium and to me one thousand words a good place to hit. This does not mean that the number of words in a post in the end all be all of the metric. I plan to have other triggers in place. This is just a start of course.

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