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RE: SteemPlus 2.20: Utopian + SteemPlus Partnership = Bigger upvotes

in #utopian-io4 years ago (edited)

Hello @steem-plus and @stoodkev. I am using your great extension for a while already, but when tried to download the newest version of it now, it asked me to give some NEW PERMISSIONS to your extension: ACCESS TO COPY AND PASTE DATA. I haven't seen you mention it here in your post, so I decided to ask, if I have my passwords copy pasted from some source. Will it mean that your new update will also have access to this private information?? I hope I am getting everything wrong with this issue, but still I am a bit confused about it, awaiting for your soonest clarification on that because currently my previous version of Steem Plus extension has been disabled and I am still a little afraid to install the newest version of it because of this copy paste access permission. Why do you need access to anyone's copy paste data???)))


When puting the Utopian template into the post body, Steemit overrides it everytime with the previous text. Steemplus copy paste the template into the post body and that's the only use of it in the whole extension (you can check on GitHub).
I will try to find a better workaround in the coming days.

Thank you for clarifying it and assuring me with this @stoodkev. I fully trust you and your extension. Your word is enough to me. So now I will finally go and give that permission, because I got used to it so much that using steemit without SteemPlus make it a real torment to me)

Glad you like it that much! =)
I will still try to find a better way to do that asap!

thank you :)

@stoodkev I was trying to make the Test Post for this new SteemPlus feature. But I must admit that it's not working at all on my end. I mean the magic happens when I put utopian-io tag but then, OK button constantly showing the red forbidden sign, I tried all the categories and put different github links - nothing. I just can't push this OK button. Because of that coming red forbidden circle. I also tried to check and uncheck that OVERRIDE POST BODY WITH UTOPIAN TEMPLATE. No. No variant for me to push that OK button/ What am I doing wrong?

I think I can guess what you did wrong.
You need to type the repository name and select if from the dropdown, not copy pasting it, we re calling GIthub API to get info ;)

Ok, thank you for your advice! I am going to try to type my repository name manually today as I want to make my first contribution to @utopian-io using SteemPlus.

No problem! How did it go?

UPDATE : I found a solution and the new version without the permission will be out within an hour.

All right, I accepted those permissions already anyway, as you @stoodkev is on my trusted-steemians-list!)

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