Introducing Custom Feed - filter the authors and posts that you want to read

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Are you tired of the trending page? Do you feel that you have a complicated mix of posts on your Feed? Would you like to have more filtering options and customization?... I know the answer... me too. For this reason I decided to create Custom Feed.


This tool allows you to filter the content that you want to read!

Filtering Options

It has many options for filtering. You can leave the fields empty if you don't want to use some filter.

Type of search

Search by Trending, created, hot, feed, blog, or votes.

  • Trending, created or hot: Define the Tags that you want to see. You can put several separated by commas or leave it empty if you want all.
  • Feed, blog, or votes: Define the Accounts that you want to see. Put the accounts separated with commas.


Show/hide resteems when you are looking the feed or blog of some accounts.


Define min-max limits in author reputation.


Define min-max limits in post payout.


Define min-max limits in number of votes.


Define min-max limits in number of comments.


Define the limits in the content, the number of characters of the post.

Comment Payout

The comment payout is the average payout of all comments. This option only works in posts that have a pending payout, that is, less than 7 days. This average payout is shown next to the number of comments.


Filter the posts defining the allowed tags and avoided tags.


Filter the posts defining the allowed authors and avoided authors.

Votes from

Filter the posts with respect to the votes received. Just write the accounts in "votes from" and "no votes from".

Time of publication

Define the minimum time of publication in minutes.

And the best part is that you can save your search in favorites in your browser!

This is because the search is written in the link. For instance, this link shows the blogs of @steemstem and @curie:,curie.

Some applications

This tool has a lot of applications. I will show you some of them with examples.

For curators

The principal beneficiaries are curators because they have more options to search specific things and reach good content. Also, they can have many searches in favorites that can be accessed with one click.

For Minnows

Minnows could search posts well paid in comments. Example:

This search shows you all recent posts with the tag life and minimum comment payout of $0.05, whose authors have a minimum reputation of 50. If you leave a good comment there, you will have more probabilities to be upvoted. And at the same time, you will notice new good authors to follow, read and comment.

Keep an eye on your trails

Are you following a trail and you don't know what you are voting? watch them to see if they are doing a good work. Example:

Suppose @wackou follows the trail of @cervantes. This link will show you the recent votes of @wackou which also have been upvoted by @cervantes. This is a good way to see what are you voting.

Engagement with your fanbase

Do you use an auto voter like @steemauto or Streemian? The problem with auto voters is that you give votes but no comments. Improve the engagement with your fanbase by commenting on your last upvotes. Example:

This link shows the last votes of @jga to @roxane posts. Then I can see if there are important articles to read and comment on those that have already voted automatically.

Created 30 min ago

The problem with the "New" tab is that it has the most recent posts. If you upvote some of these posts your curation rewards will be reduced because you are voting before 30 minutes (maybe you are interested in how to optimize your upvote?). If you have ever scroll down you have noticed that there are a lot of posts published per minute.
Solution? search new posts older than 30 minutes:

Searches to find abuses

Search posts in trending which have less words, less than 400 characters:

As you can see there are a lot of applications and can be more!

Relevant Commits

  • Commit 1: Basic template for index.
  • Commit 2: Create feed from accounts (search by blog).
  • Commit 3: Handling errors with RPC nodes.
  • Commit 4: Filter options in GET request.
  • Commit 5: Search by feed, trending, hot, created.
  • Commit 6: Search by votes.
  • Commit 7: Filter by authors.

Edit: Following the suggestion of @vikisecrets now you have a new option:
No upvoting bots

In this order, you can have a better trending page.

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

Thank you for this contribution.

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Hey @vladimir-simovic, I just gave you a tip for your hard work on moderation. Upvote this comment to support the utopian moderators and increase your future rewards!

This is very interesting. Thank you @jga for this wonderful tools. As someone who is an active curator, most of the features will come in handy. Also, there are a some users who produce quality contents but do resteem too much than necessary which usually clogs my feed with unnecessary resteems, now I have the power to select what I see and what I don't. Am sure this will be much appreciated by the community. Alright, too much typing. Let me go play around with it.


Thank you @lordjame, you are totally right. Many times we have a lot of reestems in our feed. This tool help us to filter them.

Desde hace tiempo estaba buscando algo similar debido a las limitaciones de la plataforma para hacer búsquedas combinando etiquetas y otros criterios, es bastante completa la herramienta con una gran variedad de opciones, has hecho un gran trabajo, la usare en mis curaciones diarias Saludos.


Me alegra que te pueda ser útil. Yo también ya la estoy usando, de hecho tengo varios links en favoritos seccionado en varios temas y autores :)

Definitivamente eres el puto amo, steem debería darte la oportunida de ser un testigo y así aumentar tú capacidad y tiempo para dedicarle a la solución de estos problemas que presenta la plataforma para muchos de los que la utilizan. ¡Encantado como siempre de apoyarte y conocerte! U are the best


Hola Robert, gracias por el apoyo, me alegra que te guste. Sí que me gustaría ser testigo en un futuro, planteando bien mi candidatura. Un saludo.


Amigo lo apoyo en eso. Solo digame como lo puedo ayudar. Saludos


Gracias José por tu apoyo que es de gran ayuda. De momento no tengo ningún software instalado para ello, pero yo te aviso cuando lo haga. Gracias.

Uff las posibilidades y usos son muchísimas. ¡Enhorabuena @jga, es un trabajo excelente y necesario!. Voy a empezar ha hacer ensayos con esta aplicación.


Muchas gracias @valki, perfecto. Cualquier sugerencia es bienvenida :)
Un saludo.

Interesting project, would be cool to filter out just paid bot upvoted content aka advertisements ;) I now use more the Hot tab because there are less paid ads there ;)


Very good idea @vikisecrets!! Let me see what I can do


I think if you have a known list of vote selling bots (which should be available somewhere) it should be relatively straight forward to filter out posts that have been upvoted by one of them. Exciting. ps. also thx for the last comment about SBD throttling, I used the info to write a post about liquid STEEM rewards today :)


Try it now!!
Now you have that option (see the checkbox bellow "no votes from". For instance:


oh this is very cool :) have to make a side-by-side comparison now with bots enabled and disabled ;) could you also add links to the topics, so when I click on a topic (for example "steemit") to open a Custom Feed with this topic only but all other parameters/filters intact?


Another good idea!
Added! Just try it


Thx, this is really getting better and better 👍 have 3 more ideas:

  1. use the exact same layout / css as on for the list (maybe even introduce three columns same as on steemit)
  2. add Topic and Trending/Hot drop-down boxes as on steemit on top of the page
  3. long-term feature: make Custom Feed a front-end for Steemit where you can also log-in and directly upvote posts.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

For future work, I would like to add steemconnect for log in and upvote directly.

Also, I want to read the code of, and try to write my code there in order to propose it (and the same with @steem-plus... I think we can add these options there).

Genial herramienta. Yo antes usaba pero ya no funciona porque dependía de la base de datos de arcange que ahora es de pago. Yo quisiera poner el SBDS con un elasticsearch para tener un buscador decente de posts, pero será en otra ocasión :)



Esa es buena idea @elguille.

Me alegra que te guste la herramienta, la idea era esa, dar la posibilidad de filtrar contenido ya que actualmente no te encuentras con muchas por allí. Gracias por comentar.

Will try it today, sounds interesting ! :)


Thank you very much @roxane for your support 😊

Oye genial , desde hace varios dias no veia una de tus publicaciones , nuevamente un contenido ejemplar , me gusta sobre todo la busqueda optimizada de articulos para una mejor curacion , es una gran herramienta la verdad. Bien logrado !


Sí, estuve un poco ocupado desarrollando unas cosas! me alegra que te guste y sobretodo sea de ayuda!

Gracias por tu comentario.

Hey @jga I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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I wanna thank U with this super friendly interfaces u have done! Bravo! It is much easier to sort what suit everyone needs rather than scrolling it over and over again! Good sharing and keep doing good deeds @jga. ;)


Thank you very much @esdee

Thanks for sharing! Is there a way to catch the filtered results in json?


In this moment no. But it is a good idea for a future update :)


Would be awesome ! :))

This is excellent, congratulations! You are doing some serious magic with javascript and steem js api :)


Thank you @ervin-lemark!! I appreciate your comment.

Increíble contribución como siempre jejeje , ahora solo queda usarla para sacarle el jugo muchas gracias por tus aportes

Tu contenido siempre espectacularmente enriquecedor. Gracias @jga

Julian excelente trabajo mi estimado. Tienes un talento maravilloso. Dios te bendiga mucho. Saludos y un abrazo.

Amigo usted como siempre excelente trabajo. Ya me voy a pones a testear ese programa, Saludos tu siempre colaborador y amigo. @lanzjoseg a la orden

Thank you for sharing this information, it was very useful, greetings from Venezuela