[Steem Assistant] Your personal Steem Assistant for Amazon Echo is here!

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Steem Assistant for Amazon Echo

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  • What is the project about?

I believe automation is our future. As such, I obviously had to get my hands on one of the smart speakers to make my home smarter. The decision ended up being Amazons Echo, or Alexa.

As soon as I got my hands on it I knew exactly what to do. I needed something that'd satisfy my own steem needs, but that will also hold up in the future when more steem users get equipped with these speakers. As such, I began my work on Steem Assistant, your personal assistant when it comes to anything steem related, and often more.

Here's me testing the first functionality I developed for the Steem Assistant skill.


Obviously, learning a new environment is not easy, and while I luckily got the chance to code my Echo Skill in Python, which I'm familiar with, a lot of tricky solutions on Amazon's end make this a very long and infuriating process.

Not to mention that, even on my first day, I encountered some very, very nasty bugs on Amazon's end, which crippled my progress by a lot.

That being said, the project moved forward and will continue to move forward as I find more solutions to my problems, decide on the best UX decisions and develop a website where users can register for my bot with their steem nickname. That'll allow them to ask for their pending payouts, estimated account value, balances in their wallet and much more!

Here I'm testing the 2nd functionality - reading out trending posts!


As I already stated above, this project is far, far from over. I'd say it didn't even really start yet. There's much to come, and to get a sneakpeak of what I plan to implement, you can look at my SockoBot for Facebook's Messenger which will lend all of it's functionalities to Steem Assistant.

Sadly, as Alexa doesn't allow for passing custom arguments into her commands, registration will need to be done by a website - but once that's done, you can use Steem Assistant as much as you want!

On top of that, once the bot is close to being finished, works on a Google Home version will begin.

Finally the last, for the time being, functionality of Steem Assistant is tested here!

Technology Stack
  • Python 3.6
  • JSON ( used in a JSON setting file for Amazon Echo )
How to contribute?

You can contribute to echo.py as well as skill.json directly by creating a Pull Request to my repo, or you can contact me on Discord at Jestemkioskiem#5566 to talk about this project!

Any help is welcome, as this project is a really big task to handle by myself. You can start by importing the 501 top coins on coinmarketcap to the skill.json file in the current format!

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That's gonna be huge!


Hey @mys, if you wanna have some fun with Alexa hit me up! You can actually test it online without having a physical unit.


I am thinking about buying one in near future :) Will join after shopping.


Keep in mind that you don't need to dropship these to Poland anymore, amazon released an international version - you can get one on amazon.de

The Steem project is a great project and helps people too

Damn, that's so cool ;D

Good job.

I used to play with this kinda stuff with my computer like 20 years ago, so I'm not super excited by it, but I commend you for your work on it. The commands could be useful when you don't wanna get on the computer to check things, keeping you off it for another hour or more.


The obvious advantage of this project to everything that's been done before is speech recognition.

You don't need specific commands - it's okay if you're close enough. You don't need to turn on your PC or wait for coinmarketcap to load on your phone in the morning - you just ask if steem has risen overnight and how your last steem post is doing.

The way I see this is integrating steem into your everyday life with very little time investment, which in my opinion, is a great option to have!


I was using speech recognition to have my computer do scripted commands 20 years ago. The difference is that now you don't have to repeat an exact command. But really, how hard is it to remember to phrase something like "Computer, what is the price of steem?" versus any of the other way of saying it?


well, 20 years ago @jestemkioskiem was not even planned

wow.excellent ! i like Amazon Echo

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