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The project owner asked for their announcement post, which will be a major factor in their (assumed) success to be proofread for any errors. I was messaged by @knowledges, who can attest for our communication, to check the task request out (here) and decided I will step up to the job.

The article required major changes in the written english, many corrections to the grammar as well as removing insignificant and adding important information about the project, it's launch, goals etc. It also required minor reformating.

Actual content

You can find the post here posted by KnackSteem or in my gist here, where you can view all the differences between the original and the final version.

Additional information

There's no additional infromation that would further improve this contribution. My github account is jestemkioskiem which can be verified by looking into it's bio.

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Thank you for your contribution. A brilliant work, I must say.

However, even despite the fact that your contribution is really great and meets (and surpass) the expectations, the presentation of the post is pretty much average and not really aesthetical either. You can work on those details to have a really well rounded contribution.

PS: We may need to check the Quality Questionnaire for this category. You are getting 100 with 2 second answers.

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