Task request: update the SteemMakers trail page

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The SteemMakers trail information page which can be found here is outdated.

Details about the benefits and security in the upper part of the page can be rephrased but the general content should remain.
The second part of the text details how to follow the trail and is outdated. The description and screenshots are taken before www.steemauto.com switched to SteemConnect. The task at hand is update the complete page to reflect the current situation and make a detailed explanation of how to follow the steemmakers trail. The text should be equally detailed and contain enough images to explain the whole process to someone new.


The html of the page can be found in the Trail component: https://github.com/JefPatat/SteemMakers/blob/master/website/src/ts/components/Trail.vue
Images should be submitted in the img folder: https://github.com/JefPatat/SteemMakers/tree/master/website/img


July 31st.


Communication is preferably done on our discord server: https://discord.gg/EFGbRuW. If any details are missing please let me know in the comments or on discord so I can update the request.

Github information

Repository: https://github.com/JefPatat/SteemMakers
My github account: https://github.com/JefPatat
Files to be updated: https://github.com/JefPatat/SteemMakers/blob/master/website/src/ts/components/Trail.vue and the images.


I'm going to handle this task.

Thank you. Please note that the request hasn't been approved yet.

Approval has been removed from utopian. now all contributions is supposed to be evaluated according to guidelines.
This my pull request:

Approval by utopian is never required for anyone to help out. But be informed that if a task request is not approved your work might also not get supported.

I commented on your PR, it seems you missed the point. The text does not match the process and the images certainly don't.

Please describe the process to follow the trail for someone completely new.

It really doesn't matter my work to get supported I'm just responding to your task request.
I've followed the old process and replaced the old login with steemconnect as you requested. but I think you need to clarify the process in summary or in points.


Thats great to see that the work has already started on this task request but it will be great to see if more information can be provided in the task request which makes it easy to pick from seeing the task request post.


PS: I think this belongs more to task-copywriting then task-documentation.

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