As i told them, i love to test things and also contribute with what i can.

That's not much for now but as the platform make available for more open source projects i feel it more powerful.

Now it will depend on the developers for that different projects how will gather that info from utopian.

But, it is a nice idea made true.

Also, where did you saw that details with the amount?

I used @armandocat's chrome extension, that shows percentage upvote and value in the voting list. Very useful tool.

I was thinking about that being the only tool for now. I saw the post about it at version 1.3.

But i also saw the privacy issue that can happen and haven't installed. I like that he say about that issue from the start and let you choose if you use it or not.

Thanks for that.

I was concerned about the privacy issue also, but the concern was having to do with downloading from the chrome store. I've been really enjoying the extension, it has enhanced my Steemit experience many times over. It has helped me make informed decisions on Steemit. @ironshield

I suppose it do because have exactly the info most of us search for it ;-)

Maybe i will give it a try at some point.

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