Suggestion : Time and Vote Information Modification in Steemit Blog Graphical User

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Suggestion : Time and Vote Information Modification in Steemit Blog Graphical User Interface

For Enhanced User-Friendly Environment on Steemit


As per Steem White paper published in August 2017, Steemit is an incentivized , blockchain based, public content platform that strongly supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. The only medium to achieve community building and social interaction formula is the page he / she is reading.

Requirements for Modification in Post Page Features

Steemit slogan is social interaction and community building. To enhance these both factors, steemians on steemit are to be provided with user-friendly environement. Maximum information can be retrieved from publisher to analyze the post justfully.

  • Modification of Time information (Hour : Minute)

Currently, Time is shown in Days format and its age is being shown. No doubt it also helps user to remain updated with steemit through this information. But here there is no relation being built up between publisher and curator. Curator doesnt know , on which part of day, publisher frequently posts. Many users cannot align their routine with their favourite publishers who are adding value to this system. Most important for steem echo system is publisher-curator relation. Though steemit platform is monitoring the post age but users should also be monitoring the publisher age. This can only be achieved by display of minutes and second
No infornation of Time

  • Modification of Vote Information

Voting system is introduced to reward the user for his efforts and samewise guide him via Downvotes. DownVote information is not available on steemit blogs as Upvote info is. This makes the curation power of system weak as user has no access to whole information. Without this information must be easily viewable, it disturbs the balance of rightful information to community. This picture shows that only information user is getting is number of votes. Either they are upvotes or downvotes, user cannot make it out. This doesnt only hurt the community building concept but also hide public opinion imperative for quality curation.


  • Proposal for Modification of Time information

I propose that time at which post is being posted may be displayed as well along with post age. Format of time can be changed from account settings. Time should be displayed under post age as both information are related to time.

  • Proposal for Modification of Vote Information

I suggest that vote information should be shown in more elaborative form . No of Upvotes and Downvotes should also be displayed for ease of user. It can be displayed under no of votes information.

Examples of Suggested Proposals

After the implementation of suggested modifications, GUI of post page will look like :

  • Example for Modification of Time Information

  • Example for Modification of Vote Information


  • Benefits from Modification of Time Information

  1. It will build heathier and effective relationship between publisher and curator.
  2. Curator can keep track of posting scehdule of favourite publishers
  3. It will help steemit community in understanding the best time for posting the content.
  4. Steemit user can also keep track of his posting content with precise time information in minutes and seconds.
  5. It will also help steemit user understand difference between real user and bots from posting frequency.
  • Benefits from Modification of Vote Information

  1. For content curation, this modification will help curators to segregate and understand the opinion of steemit community for the content.
  2. Steemit user getting frequently downvotes can easily be filtered out by steem community and It will help community to make its distance from the user which is not helping value addition in community.
  3. Though downvotes being given are low in ratio, but depicting its data on page will create awareness about sense of ownership to guidelines of steemit.
  4. Currently drop down of votes is to be clicked and look for the minus sign (downvote). This modification will reduce the time of user which can be invested in curating more content.

Please leave your feedback

Thankyou @dynamicgreentk and @thundercurator for guidance.

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

95% of the features you are suggesting already exist on utopian you can see more time detail by hovering the mouse arrow on top of the the area that show the age of the post and you can see more details about votes if you click on the number of votes on the end of every posts , the picture below explains how you see this details.

You can contact us on Discord.

In my topic, I referred that it is Modification and mdification is done on already existing things.
I supported some modification to enhance user interface. User shouldnt be clicking for this information as it consumes time again and again. I already mentioned in benefits wrt u-topian rules which first clause under Category rules say that minor features / enhancements.
In my humble opinion, I request to review it under this shade of rules.

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