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The task was to create a new design for the characters of the Magic Frog project. I thought it was an entertaining and interesting idea in conjunction with the initiative and the objectives of it.

I am very encouraged to continue working on this frog's world!

Benefits / Improvements

The idea was to create original material for the project following the characteristics of the existing images.

Everything was done by hand on an old school way (by pencil and paper). I can edit it and play with it in the future with total freedom!

Proof of authorship

Basically I wanted to make it as simple as possible to test my skills and also give it a more childish tone. It was started by hand on a sheet, I scanned it with my cell phone and put the final touches on Paint 3D!

It was totally fun!

Here are the scanned sheets





My hand, my pencils, some sheets, CamScanner and Paint 3D

Original files

Final Design:

37921545_10211374750515337_1182642248798437376_n (1).png


Final comments:

I will continue working on the development of the other characters and the improvement of those already published! It seems to me a very interesting and entertaining project. I invite you to participate!

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Thank you for your contribution.
Please remove the white border around the illustration. I think the only way to do this is by hand in photoshop.

Try to make a high res scan. 1040 is not enough.

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may I ask what the magic frog is? The images you created are looking really awesome! 😃

Kind regards,

The Secret Service


Hey @secret.service! The Magic Frog (@the-magic-frog, is a project where you can earn steem by helping to tell an interesting and entertaining story. You should definitely try! ;)


Hi @mkt,

I will have a closer look at it! Is it free to use or do I need to pay something like an initial fee?

Kind regards,

The Secret Service


Nooo. It's free of course! You can even win money.

100 % approved! This is awesome! I'm really looking forward to work with you on the Magic Frog's world. Thank you!


Ok, let me know if all other components were created.


The frog and the pot of gold are the things I really need. The others are optional. He fully accomplished the job and is working on some extra pieces. I'm already very happy with the results.

nice post by you @iikexenr . i have also posted my first dtube video on this platform..

Awesome 😀

It's so cute! Wonderful work

Hey @ienrikex
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