Anti-Abuse Initiative Weekly Update [Feb 1 - 7]

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This overview summarizes

  • the week of Feb 1 to 7
  • contribution statistics
  • moderator statistics
  • challenges


By steemcleaners: Phishing Warning

Phishing is on the rise again. Be careful clicking links and if you can, use a password manager to store your keys.

Never use your master keys. Think twice before providing your active keys.

Special thanks to the following anti-abuse supporters for translating the SteemCleaners post for their respective communities:

AuthorPost Link
@ayashaBangladesh translation
@robertyanChinese translation
@katerinarammGreek translation
@glastarJapanese translation
@lalupitaSpanish translation/Traduccion al Español

By enforcer48: Abuse Series For Profit Promotions

It's been a while since we heard from enforcer48's Abuse Series.
Check out his contribution about bidbot abuse.

This post gives you an idea on how some abusers stay out of the radar of anti-abuse communities.

Visit It's a useful tool to identify potential bid bot abuse.

By steemseph: 3 Techniques for Streamlining Approvals

Moderators for the SteemFlagRewards Discord manually review and approve each mention of a flagged abuse post. Keyboard shortcuts or any technique for efficient approvals ensure your efforts in fighting abuse are rewarded before the payout date.

Although this contribution is aimed for SteemFlagRewards moderators, the techniques discussed are applicable for all Discord users.

Even when you're mouse-centric, these keyboard-centric tips are very helpful.

Anti-Abuse Statistics


Total Contributions
The team reviewed and scored 3 anti-abuse posts this week. It's up by one compared to last week's total contributions.

With 2 staff picks for the Top of Utopian, I'm glad to see our abuse fighters write quality contributions.

Average Score
This week's contributions averaged 91%.

It's an excellent number for the anti-abuse community. I'm hoping the quality of contributions stay above 90%.



No other post was available for him to moderate. He submitted a quality contribution, staff-picked for this week.

She moderated one post this week. When SteemCleaners submitted an urgent phishing warning, she was readily available to review it.

... Phishing is one of the top abuse we need to minimize on the platform. It has a tendency of creating domino effect that we shouldn't allow to happen.

He moderated one post this week discussing bidbot abuse. Below is a short excerpt of his review:

... If people have the impression that the rewards go to the most abusive and manipulative, I don't think things will turn out that well in the long term... I believe it's the responsibility of every stakeholder to preserve the value and integrity of their investment.

He's quite busy with school and personal responsibilities. He will resume reviewing contributions when he becomes available.

The first of the month has been hectic for most of the moderators. I reviewed one contribution this week.

I also read the other 2 contributions with their respective reviews.
Thanks guys for posting!


Pixabay: Overcoming

The biggest challenge is to keep from being discouraged. Everywhere people are powering down and discouraged at the same time while many of us are still excited about the future.

Many Steemians are busy with school and personal commitments in the new year. As some of the underlying issues are resolved concerning Steemit Inc and the future of Steem, everything will be ok.

I perceive we're in a spot for upward momentum. Starting this week, every week will get better.

@Tykee wrote a really thoughtful review for my last week's #iamutopian post.

... as the CM of the category, what are the thing(s) you believe we can do to improve the category?

  • To be patient
  • Continue to help others who inquire about the category
  • Promote the category when opportunities arise


This first week of February was a great work week for the anti-abuse category.

Three excellent contributions starting the second month of 2019, off with a bang!

Can't wait to see what next week brings us.

If you have a suggestion, come by the Utopian Discord.

We still hope to incorporate security in this anti-abuse initiative. Any internet security, cybersecurity or data security specialists, please contact us.

This is a call to all anti-abuse fighters on the blockchain to produce anti-abuse content.

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Anti-abuse is a unique category in Utopian. While the volume of contributions is still very low, the quality remains very high.

You've made this report both personal, talking about the struggles of keeping engaged, as well as informative. Well done!

Please note that while I haven't changed the footer, I am not scoring #iamutopian posts based on the questionnaire. They have their own metric, and that will be the case until we go live with the new guidelines and new questionnaire, which will be comprehensive enough to reflect these types of posts.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

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Thank You for the great review. I always get excited when you might review my post...... Im thinking I will learn some new syntax or way of communicating.
Thanks for all the hard work you do at Utopian. You are one(among others) of the great guys keeping me around.
See you in the funny papers.


Thank you for your review, @didic! Keep up the good work!

Hey, @iamstan!

Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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Now, if there are a bit more contributions, that'll be great.


Yes once again you pulled it off and produced a top notch post.
You have to admit that utopian has given us all a good reason to make better quality writing.
On top of that we are learning and making many new friends.
Its a win win for abuse fighters, Utopian and the entire community if we are able to reduce abuse a bit.

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