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Bug Fixes

  • Form Validation for Wallet
    Form validations have been added for transfers on the wallet page. The user will be notified by toast when the username or amount is not entered.
  • Post Single Page Image Errors Fixed
    Widths and heights of top likers photos are fixed on Post Single Page.

New Features

  • User Activities
    User activities have been added to the profile page and the author page. Since different activities require changes to the UI, their activity must be detected. Common activities such as Vote, Comment, Post, and Curation Reward activities have been added.
    I added missing activities to the workflow. I keep on adding, there are 56 different activities 😄


  • Voting Power on Menu & UI Changes
    I wrote a progress bar for voting power but since it is not nice with the UI, I added it to side menu with an icon. Voting power is calculated in the backend. If you want to see how it is calculated, you can review it on GitHub.

  • Transfer History on Wallet
    Considering the suggestions of our users we added the transfer data to the wallet page.
    In order to show the transfer history in the wallet, the transfers have to be picked from activity data. So, activity is also querying the transfer history but the transfer data need to be picked from the activities.

  private dispatchTransfers() {
    this.steemia.dispatch_activity(query).then(data => {
      // Reverse data to sort by date
      let activities = data.reverse();

      // Pick transfer data from activities
      for(let activity of activities) {
        if (activity[1].op[0] === 'transfer') {


  • Internationalization & Localization
    Steemia continues internationalization. I translated for Turkish language. English, Spanish and Turkish languages are currently available. However, many different languages will be added soon.

Pull Requests


Commit Summary

Wallet Form Validations
Post Single Page UI Changes
New Language File

What is next?

  1. 📱 iOS Release
  2. 💬Chat Implementation
  3. 🔍Deep Linking

How to contribute?

You just need to fork the following repository, feel free to send us a Pull Request... 🎊🎉

GitHub Account



Hey, I've just discovered your app and I like it. It easy to use. Although why the blue color again ? Facebook, twitter, busy, steemit, they all are in blue :/ I really would love to see some warm colors for a change.

I noticed that you kept the v2 in the steemconnect url, you can drop it.

Your voting power algorithm is wrong. You have to use the last_vote_time field too. Here is a code snippet:

const secondsago = (new Date().getTime() - new Date(account.last_vote_time + "Z").getTime()) / 1000;
    const votingPower = account.voting_power + (10000 * secondsago / 432000);

Any way good luck with your app. I'm eager to see some new and unique features too. We begin to have a lot of apps that are doing exactly the same thing :p

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Hi @gregory.latinier,
We started to develop Steemia 6 months ago with @jaysermendez
I agree with you about color 😄 Default color is blue in Ionic. However I think we should try different colors.
By the way, thanks for code snippet :)

want to try a new color?

hahahha lets see

Lol, I asked in Busy chat if I can use their endpoint for notifications and they said yes -_- lol. So yeah, maybe you directly didn't receive a request to use it but I did the request time ago before even using it :).

All good then sorry for the misinformation

Yay! I’m looking forward for the iOS release of Steemia. Hopefully it gets done the soonest. Great work, btw. :)

@hsynterkr , I'm very sorry for lots of comments, there is a problem with eSteem, the app that I used when I commented on your post.

Hehehe no problem :) I can't give an exact date but we will launch Steemia iOS soon.

Yay! I’m looking forward for the iOS release of Steemia. Hopefully it gets done the soonest. Great work, btw. :)

Yay! I’m looking forward for the iOS release of Steemia. Hopefully it gets done the soonest. Great work, btw. :)

Yay! I’m looking forward for the iOS release of Steemia. Hopefully it gets done the soonest. Great work, btw. :)

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