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RE: [Steemia] - App Updates

in #utopian-io2 years ago (edited)

Hey, I've just discovered your app and I like it. It easy to use. Although why the blue color again ? Facebook, twitter, busy, steemit, they all are in blue :/ I really would love to see some warm colors for a change.

I noticed that you kept the v2 in the steemconnect url, you can drop it.

Your voting power algorithm is wrong. You have to use the last_vote_time field too. Here is a code snippet:

const secondsago = (new Date().getTime() - new Date(account.last_vote_time + "Z").getTime()) / 1000;
    const votingPower = account.voting_power + (10000 * secondsago / 432000);

Any way good luck with your app. I'm eager to see some new and unique features too. We begin to have a lot of apps that are doing exactly the same thing :p

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Hi @gregory.latinier,
We started to develop Steemia 6 months ago with @jaysermendez
I agree with you about color 😄 Default color is blue in Ionic. However I think we should try different colors.
By the way, thanks for code snippet :)

want to try a new color?

hahahha lets see

Lol, I asked in Busy chat if I can use their endpoint for notifications and they said yes -_- lol. So yeah, maybe you directly didn't receive a request to use it but I did the request time ago before even using it :).

All good then sorry for the misinformation

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