- upvoting of paid-out posts possible and rules table improved

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  • Awesome post with all the elements, images, code samples and explanations of coding choices.
  • This is a very clever trick to keep rewarding authors past the seven days. That's huge.

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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

This feature is awesome and tonight I will test it.
There are so many possible uses for it for example if you want to change an already given uovote and make it bigger you can just add the vote with the comment (well you could also just upvote an authir comment haha)

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Fuck yeah! This is a great feature and one that'll finally get me to use rewarding. (haven't cared much to maximize curation rewards in the past)

yes sir you are right. i greet you

be interesting to see if it changes any of your views.

Great :). Let me know if you have suggestions or in case when sometime did not work.

Fortunately, just happened to see this post @holger80 and bookmarked it (with @steempeak) to come back, when time was available, to read it. Which I have now done.

Excellent news to know you have taken on and successfully (not tested, just taking you at your word on the assumption you have tested it …) put in place a mechanism to upvote posts past their payout period. Don’t know how many times I have wished for something like this. Perhaps, in your role as one of our all-important Steem Witnesses, you can see what it would take to have this incorporated in the core code of the Steem blockchain.

I am impressed enough with this to use one of my votes for you as Witness. I read through one of your other posts enough (while I do not claim to understand all of the technical details …) to know you appear to be doing an excellent job in taking care of your responsibilities to host a server for our Steem blockchain. And, obviously, doing what you can to add value to it!

The ~ 13.4 MVests under my control have now been voted for your role as Witness:

Upvoted and resteemed. All the best to you @holger80, for an even better tomorrow! 👍 😊

Thanks a lot for your support!

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Pleasure is mine! 👍

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You're like a miracle of ingenuity, creativity and practicality. It's going to take me a few reads to figure out exactly how to do this--I'm a dinosaur when it comes to technical stuff. But I get the gist.
I think, if we lived in the Stone Age, you might have been the one to discover fire :))

Thanks for the nice words :)

haha! great comparison .. :)

The new feature is brilliant. Great way to keep rewarding fantastic articles from the past.

I noted my personal wishlist feature in discord, but I will state it again. I would like to be able to set up a queue, so that pre-selected posts I choose will be upvoted in order, as soon as my voting power recharges. The purpose is to maximize curation rewards to selected posts while I am away (sleeping, work, vacation). Is this something you would like to implement?

So far I am not aware of any service that does this. I continue to curate manually to keep my VP close to max before casting each new 100% upvote, with the exception of before I sleep I have to upvote many all at once to drain more VP.

Keep it up. Your super powers to alter the steem matrix, and change our reality make you a hero to us!

Thanks for the suggestion, it is now possible to build a queue. I improved the delayed vote form.
Go to
add a authotperm or replace steemit by steemrewarding
Enter a min_vp and select vote_when_vp_reached

The post will be upvote when min_vp is reached.

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Holy smokes! Justed tested it. It works!

You are a lifesaver @holger80. I'm going to utilize this feature for sure, and tell others about it.

!gif doctor frankenstein

I think the "voting paid-out posts" feature is probably the most important thing that should be added to Steem itself or the clients for accessing it. The fact that the current form of Steem optimizes for short-lived content has been a pain in the ass to me forever. Thanks for dealing with this!

@partiko @steempeak @esteemapp how about adopting such a logic?

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I'm planing to work on a API for steemrewarding, when this will be finished, other interfaces could use my voting service.

Ingenious work and this post should be sitting at the top of Trending!

The utopian-io vote could push my post up a little bit, when it is arriving soon.

It makes me very happy to see something like this @holger80! For me, the greatest weakness of the Steem ecosystem has always been that the posts here "go stale" so quickly. Maybe that doesn't affect everyone here, but for someone who tends to write more "article style" posts that are centered around "evergreen" content, the fact that we get "seven days and then it's useless" has always felt like a thorn in my side.

You could add a link to steemrewarding at the buttom of your paid-out posts:

@holger80 I love your steemrewarding, i love edit,copy , delete on the left hand side thanks. Is there an easy way to see if someone is being voted for recently without going through each one on vote rules and then cross checking elsewhere? i.e Last time upvote on vote rules page?

Last time upvote on rules page is a good idea.

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