Insteem is finally here. Rejoice. Application update and release to the play store. Download it while it is hot.

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Back on the play store. wooo.

InSteem is and will remain the first native android app which is and will be forever completely free for the people to use.

Take a look at the utopian task and get me some icons.\n\nTask request

Why free?

Because @steemit needs it. A quick way to interact with the blockchain. One that will not eat into the users rewards.

New Features

Better article view

The viewing of article on the app was a pretty normal ui. Kinda damp as well. All of that has changed now with the new article view. The whole ui for viewing the articles has been revamped to make it look more modern and appealing.


Look at that. So cool.

To achieve this the whole setup of the app was changed. New data is passed on clicking and parsed. The methods from on create of the activity have been shifted to onStart for better performance. A default image is loaded in the main image bar if the article does not have one or it does not exist in the metadata. The whole ui is also enclosed into a collapsable toolbar so scrolling can be more fun.

  1. commit

Date header is back

Some time back when I migrated to room and made use of pagedlists and live data I had to leave behind one feature. The date header. This has made a comeback now.


What is still missing are the date separators. To achieve this I had to go through the whole code and shift the date holder to also take inputs from the article objects. Next a new field was added into the articles and the database to hold the already converted date. A new method was added to format said date. And voila it is all done. Seems simple but the working took time.

Code to convert the date

        fun dateToDisplayHolder(date:Long):String{
            val sdf = SimpleDateFormat("dd MMMM", Locale.getDefault())
            return sdf.format(date)
  1. commit

Bug fixes & Performance improvements

Reduce load on steemit further

Two months back I began rewriting parts of the app to reduce network resources. This improvements furthers that and now the variables which were loaded on every application startup are now saved and new ones are loaded only after 12 hours. This is safe and makes the app faster and steemits api too.

Calls to

  1. Global dynamic properties
  2. Reward fund
  3. Price feed

All of these are now cached for 12 hours. I might make it more later after I learn a bit more about how it affects everything. But all in all this change makes the app load much much faster, makes it more stable and reduces network calls.

  1. commit

Other bugs fixes

All popups in the app would now show the right text colour in their message when on the dark theme. This has been fixed and now they will show the right colour.
Also fixes a bug where the rewards popup would show up each time, this has now been fixed and simplified.

  1. commit

Upgraded to androidx, application id change and splash screen added

Yup androidx is here. Here to replace the old support libraries and their different versions. The change to it was a damm pain with many apis changing namespaces, others behaving slightly differently . While the auto upgrading script did not change any namespaces, changing each file manually was a pain but is now done. The result is that we are ready for the future. yay.

The next change was the application id change. Steemer is retired and now it is Insteem so again more refactoring.

  1. androidx and splash screen
  2. application id change

GitHub account

When the app was started there were no comments then the app came on github and comments are being added. LOL who got the reference?

After repeated requests I am slowly added comments to the entire app. With the androidx change even more comments have been added. Not possible for everyone to see because of the massive number of changes. But hopefully soon all comments shall be done.

Want to contact me?

Discord server for steemer -
My discord username - hispeedimagins#6619
email - [email protected]


Thank you very much for your contribution. I didn't know the Insteem app apart from esteem and parktio. But have to say that more competitions are good, at least for the steem community and steemians, we need more options.

  1. You have a few commented-out code, including XML template. In general, it is not a good idea to have commented out code, as this will make the codebase messy.
  2. What is 432000 magik number? you might want to define that as a constant.
  3. The checks such as result.user.reward_vesting_balance != "0.000000 VESTS" looks very unstable, you might expect unexpected zeros sometimes - which might break the code.
  4. At the level of such projects, I'd like to see some unit tests that cover your changes, at least to give some confidences.

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Thank you, I was actually before partriko but I suck as a promoter and in the middle lost the origonal app which was called steemer.

I'll think of better checks and make other suggested changes.

Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

Nice, congrats dude and thank you for all your hard work :) It looks great.

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Looks interesting. For now I'll stick to Partiko and steemit, but might give it a try in the future.

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Nice work. The app keeps crashing on my phone though. I can't use it. I opened an issue on Github already.

Sorry for that. I'll check out the issue and fix it asap.

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