SteemConnect SDK for PHP Documentation

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Documentation for SteemConnect SDK for PHP. The documentation now covers all the authentication/authorization flow of the SDK, incuding code samples on every subject.

The documentation were written in Markdown, and the website for the documentation generated with MKDocs.


The documentation now covers:

  • All configuration aspects, including application and community name.
  • An overview of OAuth and it's flow with SteemConnect, including a list of scopes and screenshots to better illustrate the Authentication flow.
  • Documentation of broadcasting operations, with code samples and details about each operation type.


The documentation can be browsed at

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Its a really nice contribution.

Your work is appreciated.

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wow , damn cool :) I was working on my own solution and found your post on steemdev discord channel, will check it out for my php game backend ;) Thank you very much, will spare me a lot of time :) (Maybe we can talk/chat a little bit about it, if you don't mind) Thank you. (I boost your post a little my
friend, I hope its ok. :) )


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