How many languages do you want your kids to know?

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The Magic Frog is an open source project with lofty goals .

I'm not claiming that @the-magic-frog will teach you or your child new languages but rather your contribution in writing stories and getting crypto is much more fun! 🤑

A number of studies show that an everyday practice of a new language is the best way to remember it. (Insert wisdom forming habit quote here 😜)

How many of you had French as a second language at school? What are you waiting for? I am inviting you to add your own "je ne sais quoi" flavor to the story of La Grenouille Magique and make yourself and your teacher proud! 💪

How open minded do wish our next generation to be?

Open mindedness creates peace on earth as Omniglot explains that language learning leads to acceptance and tolerance.

As you learn and begin to comprehend a new language, you also begin to understand the worldviews and how they are contained in practical systems of the language. Language, like we said before, is a foundation of cultural identity and development. Learning a foreign language and its associated culture leads to a more open-minded view of the world and its people.

Once you know and appreciate parts of a culture and its systems, you begin to judge less and observe more. Your mind begins to free itself of previously understood notions. You will learn that we’re all products of our specific culture. Seeing the world from a different perspective, and understanding where you and others come from, are priceless and valuable lessons in acceptance and tolerance.

Health benefits you say?

An article from the BBC even gives health benefits to the less young ones:

Multilingualism has been shown to have many social, psychological and lifestyle advantages. Moreover, researchers are finding a swathe of health benefits from speaking more than one language, including faster stroke recovery and delayed onset of dementia.

Speaking a second language may change how you see the world.


In this Science magasine article they explain how German speakers are likely to imagine where this woman is going and English speakers to focus on her journey, but bilinguals may be able to have it both ways. Isn't that amazing?

If you think so as well, you don't need to wait, our German version of story Der Zauberfrosch is ready for your point of view.

Here is how you can Support our Magic Frog project:

Thanks in advance for your help and welcome to our Magic world!

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Hi. Thanks for the contribution.

Really interesting project. I had heard about it before, but until now I find out what it is about.

I have some comments about your submission, that you can keep in mind for your next contributions:

When I read the title of the submission, I actually thought that the project was about learning other languages. When I read the first paragraph, in which they explain that it is not about learn new languages, I said to myself ... Then what is the project about?

Only when you made the invitation to add their own "je ne sais quoi" to the persons that had French as second language at school I understood that I could practice my second language there. After this, the publication is focused on the importance of learning other languages.

My point is that, to clearly understand what the project is about, I had to look for information in other sources than the submission. The project repository and from there, the project webpage. Your submission does not have series section to look for information in other previous about it.

For this reason, it would have been good enough if you had added some information about the project: what is the project, how is it used, how to contribute... a post focussed more on introduce the project, than on promote the project talking about the importance of learn different languages.

Creating this introductory post about the project will allow you to create a series section in which you can refer readers to a complete reading about the project introduction.

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Hey @kit.andres
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I had 4 years of French at school but I don't remember much besides telling my name and where I am from, and, most importantly, Je ne parle pas francais, pardon. But, I'm fluent in English, German and Portuguese nowadays.


Tu es pardonné @raycoms! ;-) I would invite you to make a contribution in German then right here: @mkt will be really happy!

I had two years of Latin in high school. It's not spoken, but Latin is the root of many English words, so it's helped my writing and vocabulary.
Re-steemed this post, hope it helps with votes and rewards.


Hello exp, Latin is the root of French as well. My mother went to church when it was spoken there! As you say it is great help with extrapolating meaning from words you may not have heard before.

BTW, I like what your "about me" says. ;-)


Indeed, and thank you!

Excelente puntos de vista. Actualmente un grupo de amigos estamos estudiando sobre la importancia del manejo del lenguaje en la formación de niños menores de 6 años. Este articulo nos vino como anillo al dedo. Felicitaciones. Lo imprimiremos y lo estudiaremos. Gracias


Gracias a ti @germangv-53, comparte el artículo y no dudes en participar en las historias de la rana mágica.

¡En el futuro, también habrá una historia en español!

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salut je n'arrive plus à me connecter à la grenouille avec steemconnect, j'ai un message "localhost n'autorise pas la transaction"? est ce que le bug vient de chez vous? bonne journée

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