Esteem surfer v2.0.6; Search-in-page doesn't work.

in utopian-io •  4 days ago

Project Information

Expected Behavior

I expected that I could find a word in a page. According to the updates made in the latest release, this action should be possible.

Actual Behavior

I tried to use the feature by using the key command ctrl + F and the search in page box doesn't come up. Sometimes, it did, other times it didn't. It's like a hit and miss thing.

How to Reproduce

  • Open a post either from the feed or anywhere
  • Press the key combination to toggle on in-page search which is; ctrl + F
  • See error (The search bar doesn't pop up).

Test Enviroment

Device; HP Pavilion DV7
OS; Windows 7 Professional
Software/version; Esteem surfer v2.0.6

GitHub Account

The issue has been submitted on Github. It is yet to be acknowledged by the project owner though.

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Hi @harry-heightz, thanks for making this contribution

We apologise for the very late review.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce this behavior. Could be OS specific, maybe it is an issue unique to windows 7. You can still access the search bar by moving your mouse. That should be a temporary fix at least

We apologise for any inconvenience as a result. We look forward to your next contribution.

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@fego, this search is different. This is find-in-page feature, where I can search for texts on a content on display. Plus it's not windows specific I think. I tried it just now on Windows 8.1.


ctrl + f does not work on every application. In some applications the command calls the built in search or find function. Can you provide a video please?


@fego,I've been following the development of the project. In the latest release of the app, the developer said this is possible. Like I stated in my contribution, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But, it mostly didn't work.
By the way, it is impossible to provide a video for this. I'm typing a hardware keyboard. Except you want me to video myself typing. I'm camera shy.