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Task Request by @mkt

Bug Fixes

  • What was the issue(s)?
    When clicking on the button, its height expanded. The expected behavior would be that the height stays the same.

  • What was the solution?
    To debug the issue, I forked the repository on GitHub and cloned it into my local development environment.
    Then I inspected the button with Chrome Developer Tools while changing the loading state with Vue Devtools.
    I looked at the SVG loading icon and saw two different styling blocks for the .spinner class. So it turned out there is another loading spinner (for image upload) with the same class name. To fix this issue, I just renamed the class of the image upload spinner from .spinner to .upload-spinner.

Here is the link to the Pull request:

GitHub Account



Thanks for the contribution!

It's great that you helped out an open source project! However, for future contributions I would recommend increasing the amount of work so that it can also receive a Utopian reward.

Need help? Write a ticket on https://support.utopian.io/.
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Yeah, I wasn't expecting a Utopian reward on such a small contribution. But I still wanted to write this post to learn how the system works and to gain experience for future projects.

A very tiny contribution, indeed. But I appreciated it very much because I was just to dump to realize how dump I was... Thanks @forsartis! Hope you'll have a great future with Utopian! ;)

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