F***ing fix it! You'll get a kiss!

in utopian-io •  7 months ago

Already DONE! Thanks @forsartis!



Relevant Code



If you know something about CSS...

F***ing fix it!


Now! Seriously... it starts to annoy me!


5 SBD... and a kiss!

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Hey, got a fiddle for you, might help you out



Whats left to do is obvious, play around with those states, hopefully this helps you out, the css struggle is real :D


Thanks but PR please! ;)

Hi, I opened a PR to fix the spinner https://github.com/mktcode/the-magic-frog/pull/2


Merged! 5 SBD are yours!

Thanks for the task request!

I see it has already been fixed, which is great! While I don't mind it personally, maybe it would be better to keep future task requests a little bit more formal.

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always depends on alcohol level. :P